Isabel Cooney

About Isabel Cooney

Isabel joined Allies in Recovery in 2014 as Managing Editor, and is thrilled every day to be part of the team and the project. Cooney combines her skills honed as an Executive Assistant with her passions for writing, well-being, mindfulness and human communication in her work for Allies in Recovery. She resides in France with her two daughters and one fox terrier.

You Are a Reward

You might be grumbling. You might be accusing, guilting or complaining. Or trying desperately to prevent them from going out. You might be brooding in a cold silence. This might be hard to believe, but your presence and your conversation, however negative, are something your loved one counts on, and expects from you.

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Are You Willing to Change?

Our role as the family member of a struggling loved one is not limited to doing things for them. What we do for our own well-being (physical, mental, spiritual ... ) will create a ripple effect that brings relief and much needed change, within us and all around us.

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Can You Practice Letting Go of Shame?

Shame is a human emotion, meaning we all experience it. It has even been suggested that it is the most primitive of all emotions, dating back to our origins as humans. Shame, however, is toxic in large amounts, and many of us find ourselves stuck in that leaky boat. Understanding how shame works is the first step in preparing to conquer it.

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