Allies in Recovery has been my lifeline for several years now.

Incredibly helpful for me. Allies was the single most effective resource which helped reduce my stress and fear to a healthy & constructive level (over time). The personalized advice, attention and help I received from Allies were the greatest gift I could ask for during a time of crisis. Watching the videos helped me stay calm when I felt overwhelmed. My partner deserves all the credit for staying sober. But my life, and my ability to cope, is infinitely better thanks to Allies. It is an exemplary mental health resource, thank you so much.

The modules are obviously something to return to over and over. Listening to the Coming Up for Air podcast (over and over) is helping me gain some sanity. I’m so thankful to have come across this program, I thought I was crazy.

I’ve been listening to Coming Up for Air for a year now and honestly it changed my life. When I have managed to attend the meetings, I loved it and always felt better.

I wanted to let you know how invaluable CRAFT and Allies in Recovery has been. The weekly Zoom meetings continue to make such a difference in my life. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources.

Laurie’s 5-hr training built on the modules and made me feel more confident in using CRAFT techniques/tools.

The modules were what hooked me – easy to use and reference over and over. The groups are extremely beneficial. I’ve learned so much by participating.

First and only program where I was supported, encouraged, and understood as the mother of an adult son with SUD. I am a different person now and so is my son. The years (decades) trying to control fix solve etc was exhausting and ineffective. Kayla’s group, modules, and resources are the best there is! I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this program.

You have saved my sanity and helped me more than any of the hundreds of books and articles I’ve consulted, or the half dozen therapists, for that matter.

I am VERY grateful for the support and learning I had from you, but need to step back in large part because my son is doing so very well. Thanks!

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this amazing group.

I have taken all the training, had an all-day session and even counseling. I have learned to communicate about this very difficult topic to my loved one and he is embracing a much more sober lifestyle!

We just found your podcast. We love it! It is insightful, helpful and offers practical information we can use immediately.

The information and skills are helping me feel more calm because there’s a system to follow.

I have very much enjoyed the program. I learned a lot about connecting with my loved one on the level that she needed, rather than what I “thought” she needed. The tools that the program provided me with helped me and the rest of the family change our words and actions so that our loved one understood that it wasn’t us against her. It took time and practice and patience, but we are all now living in a much better place.

Laurie MacDougall is a wonderful teacher/facilitator/mentor. She is prepared, knowledgeable, empathetic, and funny, too! (It helps to remember to laugh).

I have been able to help my son, and our family with the tools I have learned. Thank you much.

I follow Allies in Recovery because I am a social worker treating people with SUDs and their families. I love the CRAFT method, I love the podcast. I use the framework to inform my work with folks going through addiction, and I teach it to their loved ones.

The podcast and the Allies website and support groups are helping me change how I react, interact, and support my loved one. Slowly but surely I am following CRAFT. I am a stubborn old bird and am finding unlearning my behavior is really hard. It’s so easy to return to ancient patterns but I am improving. This program is a lifesaver, especially for me. I am concentrating on changing myself. My loved one will follow his own path.

As a clinical social worker and family addiction coach I love everything about Allies in Recovery; including the podcast. With a 70% success rate of a loved one entering treatment, CRAFT is an approach my families find extremely valuable. Hearing from others through the podcast series who have recovered from the impact of addiction is useful on many levels.

Thank you for showing me another way to think. I’ve listened to every show and always come away with new choices. I listen to every conversation at least twice and reinforce the wonderful skills Allies offers. There’s some nuance added with each repetition. Not only have the tools helped me communicate with my family but I’m now teaching some of the material to my professional colleagues. Bravo Dominique, Laurie and Kayla!

I am so grateful for all the ways in which Allies and the connected communities have provided support.

You guys offer a wonderful program. And I really benefited. Please thank everyone for their help and support!!!

I would say to anyone who is new to this program that you need to re-take the program a number of times and learn how to use the tools a little at a time. None of us can change immediately even though there is this amazing road map that guides us. We have to practice and try multiple strategies to find what works. In the process of me learning how to use the tools and change my ways it occurred to me that my loved one needed to do the same. If I can’t be expected to learn/change overnight how can I have expected her to change. This program has taught me how to love and understand and empathize differently.

I am so grateful for all of your help and support in Allies.

Please keep doing what you are doing. There is no quick, easy way to help a loved one who is struggling. But, with patience and practice we can all learn to support our loved ones in the way they need to be supported.

Thanks for putting together such wonderful tools.

The Wednesday group with Kayla is amazing. So supportive and practical.

It has been an enormous help and I routinely recommend Allies to others in recovery. Thank you for providing a much-needed service to families like mine!

We really appreciate all the support and information Allies provides (modules, podcasts and support groups). It’s empowering to learn new ways of interacting, and also understanding what it might be for them to be going through what they’re going through, it assists in bringing empathy to the table. It replaces angry reactions with more thoughtful and neutral response options. The support groups bring comfort and a feeling of not being so alone and in isolation. Hearing what other people are going through and how they handle is valuable and brings insight.

I love your evidenced based CRAFT approach. In fact I preach it to everyone I know loud and proud.

Going back and looking at the modules on bad days helped remind me how best to deal with situations.

I love CRAFT and how Allies in Recovery helps us implement it. I LOVE the support groups and the modules.

This was an extremely helpful program to get my partner into treatment and to start setting boundaries that were healthy to get her there. I’ve directed many other people to your services.

I have listened to your podcasts over the years and they have really helped. Thank you for the work you do, it has truly helped with my sanity over the years.

I like that the modules are presented in a manner that is digestible. There is enough information to get “one going” but is not overwhelming.

I am so very grateful for everything that Allies has done to provide support for me. I have found Allies to be the most helpful resource/organization of any I’ve encountered so far. I was introduced to the CRAFT method by my therapist over 4 years ago, but had difficulty applying it in a practical, concrete way. The modules, resources, live support groups and podcast have done so much to make this happen. Thank you again for everything! You are what keeps me going in this marathon journey.

Laura’s educational group and Kayla’s support group have been invaluable to me.

Really appreciate your support and the good work you all do!

Thank you for all the information and knowledge, I have been also listening to your podcasts and it is of tremendous help for me.

Allies helped me identify a good treatment program with features that were attractive to my loved one and gave me the techniques to talk to her about it. The support groups helped me see other family members who were dealing with the same problems and that helped me feel I was not alone. I’ve also relied a fair bit on the blogs on the website to think about different types of problems that have come up along the way. We are so much farther along than we were in some ways but stepped back in others. Thanks for helping me hang in there when I feel like giving up!

Love the podcast, Wednesday night group, Laurie’s group. THANK YOU!

Allies in Recovery is a fantastic program and, for me, is more helpful than Al Anon. The approach makes sense and has really helped me grow as a person. Using the techniques from the modules has helped me dramatically improve communication with my LO with SUD. I am much better at setting boundaries and am slowly reclaiming my own life. In fact, I find the principles useful as a guide in all my relationships. My deepest, heartfelt thanks to the Allies in Recovery team!!

I love this program! I think it should be available to everyone! Thank you for all that you do!

The membership and site are invaluable to me, as are the podcasts. The support group meetings have been so helpful as well and I make them part of my self-care.

It has been over two years since you helped me get my daughter to treatment and she has maintained her sobriety!!!

I am simply thankful for this resource.

I feel you have been such a lifeline. In the crisis you gave me a roadmap. No scolding, no platitudes. Just a way to understand what was happening to us and some solid advice on the actions & attitudes that could help me help him. The tie I still feel to you gives me comfort—knowing you are there if things go south. I am so very grateful.

You all are amazing and do great work, thank you for everything you do! Especially the podcast- excellent.

This is a fantastic program!!!

There is really nothing else like it around & I am Truly Grateful for all the support this program offers! Please continue to be a reliable source for others as you were for me.

Podcasts are extremely helpful for me.

I love the videos, teachings, modules, well everything about Allies in Recovery.

This program was a great resource when I needed it the most.

Love the online group support and leaders.

The podcast is something I truly value. I listen multiple times to episodes.

I have found the lessons and the podcasts to be really beneficial. When my husband is in a binge I find the podcasts to be extremely helpful because they teach and remind me how to respond and ever since I started listening and doing the lessons my anxiety and stress around his drinking has gone substantially down.

I’ve scheduled 1:1 Allies sessions with Laurie that were focused on specific problems, and I’ve gotten specific solutions to consider that were extremely helpful.

When I have time, I love to join Kayla’s evening sessions. The group is inclusive and has a solid CRAFT focus. Kayla is an amazing facilitator.

There’s nothing of substance that I dislike in the Allies program. I feel empowered because if it. I love passing on the knowledge I’ve gained from my experience with Allies and SMART Recovery, two CRAFT essentials for me.

It’s great to have strong Allies when you’re dealing with addiction.

I’m not very far along. Great program. My focus is on less use and improving our relationship. It is working.

Learning CRAFT has improved my communication and understanding of the complexities of SUD and relationships. I’ve learned some skills to improve my part to create a better bond and hopeful for positive results.

Allies has helped me learn to process what I am worrying about, practice what I have learned in the modules, the discussions, etc and then let go. I actually have implemented Allies in other difficult conversations and situations that arise in families. I have suggested Allies to others dealing with substance abuse within their family or close relationships.

What I like most is it is easy to find what I am looking for. For example if I wanted to review modules, contact info, weekly meetings links and announcements of upcoming seminars, all these are very visible.

Allies in Recovery is the greatest resource I have ever seen, the individuals I have met are the most caring people I have ever met, my life is not the same because of the impact it has made in my life.

Your program, in addition to Al-anon and two private counseling sessions with a substance abuse counselor were the key to helping my loved one. I truly appreciated the lessons, techniques, and tools to change my behaviors in a way that might likely support my loved one’s recovery.

I like the ability to join a support group and interact with others on the same path that I am on with our son.

The training session taken this month was also very helpful and informative… well delivered by Laurie, and excellent material.

There is nothing that I don’t like about the course. I just have to have the wherewithal to push through difficult interactions and stay the course.

The philosophy of this site has been invaluable to me. It’s hard to know the indirect impact on my loved one although things are positive. So much is dependent on his choices.

Allies is not my only source of information and support in recovery as a family member. However, it is very helpful. I have been through all the modules, attended a couple meetings with Laurie, and listen to and recommend the podcast “Coming Up for Air” to all the family members I meet on this journey. You are doing excellent and life-saving work. You are an important tool in my recovery toolkit.

We are a work in progress and meetings and practice practice practice has been most helpful. Love live interaction.

I am very happy with the format, the modules, the quick response to questions and Kayla Solomon’s group.

I found all the videos to be very informative and educational. The material was easy to understand and explained very well.

I really respect the work Allies in Recovery have done to provide people with the knowledge and steps for navigating the turbulent path of having a loved one in addiction. I really love the language and scenarios- that’s what helps me. It also gives me strength and perspective. Thank you for being a resource and for offering people hope. I grateful for all you do.

I like so much about the site: the topics, the index, the modules, the ability to ask questions and get answers. You are very responsive and helpful.

I facilitate a weekly support group for family and friends (through SMART Recovery) and I often refer people to Allies in Recovery. Keep up the good work!

It was very helpful to have a support group, podcast, and someone to make an appointment with in emergencies.

I haven’t even really had a chance to dig into the modules yet! I’ve been participating in multiple support calls a week, as well as the podcast. Those have all been so helpful.

The modules are good! I need to get in and finish them and likely repeat them.

Thank you for Allies & CRAFT. I worked an Al-Anon program for many years. Your approach is different & refreshing to me. More concrete examples of what to try. Very appreciative to everyone involved in these amazing programs. After 20+ years, I still have work to do on myself & how I interact with others. Living with addiction caused me so much stress. It goes away & comes back. I love Coming Up for Air.

There is SO MUCH value in the podcast episodes about how to manage when your loved one is struggling with substances. How to relate to your loved one, how to care for yourself, how to make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.

I have learned so many useful tools listening to your podcast. I’m so grateful for your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you!

The podcast is so valuable to me in my family recovery journey. Re: episode: Did my comment make him drink. I learn so much from these podcasts and recommend them to everyone I volunteer with in family recovery. But this episode was exceptional. Listened to it twice in quick succession. Appreciate Laurie bringing up the use of stigmatizing language and how we are all working to change it. Thanking you Laurie, Kayla & Dominique for the podcast and your commitment to family recovery.

I listen weekly to learn new ways to change what I can – in my relationship with my loved one with an alcohol use disorder. Laurie, Dominique, and Kayla have so much collective wisdom to share that sometimes I listen to an episode two or three times.

Modules are mostly a way of learning that works for me. Groups and office hours are great. Appreciate how practice oriented they are. Additional resources are also helpful.

March 23, 2023    Allies in Recovery provides the “oxygen” necessary for me to carry on.

Chris, Allies in Recovery Member

March 16, 2023      I attended Kayla’s group tonight, because I have been needing to get some anger/guilt defused over my sister’s substance use. I didn’t speak, but just listening was helpful. What an awesome group! By listening to others talk, I heard some useful reminders about self-care, stepping back, that I’m not responsible or in charge, she’s an adult making her own choices, etc., How holding onto bad feelings is “battery acid”; so, I need to keep working on not having them by changing how I think about the situation. Staying connected is what CRAFT is all about; not taking charge with the exception of our own responsibility. Being supportive or having resources available for your LO is good, but the how and the when are key. Hearing others’ stories, their really helpful remarks to each other, and Kayla’s insightful guidance was uplifting, engrossing, and educational all at once. I felt much less alone. 

Anonymous, CRAFT Support Group Participant

February 22, 2023      Love Allies in Recovery! Doing great work!

Patrick Doyle, LICSW, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

February 22, 2023      The Allies in Recovery workshops, virtual program and educational classes really helped me to understand things in a very practical way and made the ideas much easier for me to apply.

Michelle, Allies in Recovery Member

February 20, 2023    I was able to attend your 1-day CRAFT workshop recently, after devouring the AIR modules, and I came away from those 2 activities with new perspectives on how to be (and not to be) in relationships. It’s taken a few weeks for me to see how my habits are starting to change but I can feel a big difference already. Nothing else that I’ve participated in or practiced has been anywhere near as impactful as the AIR curriculum via your podcast, modules, and workshop. For me, that AIR “triple-therapy” has been just the right medicine in just the right dose at just the right time.

Chris O'Brien, SMART Recovery Family & Friends Group Facilitator

February 14, 2023     Before I learned CRAFT I didn’t know I was making mistakes in the way I was dealing with my son’s co-occurring disorders. Now I still make mistakes but at least I know what they are! Thanks to Allies in Recovery, I have lot’s of options to try something different next time.

Dave, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

February 14, 2023      Allies in Recovery has been my saving grace!

Eva, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

February 13, 2023      Sending so many thank you’s for the most recent “Coming Up for Air” podcast featuring the interview with Linda Aber. I am still organizing all the awesome notes and looking forward to listening again. I am so excited to hear part two. Thank you all for everything Allies does for families affected by the disease of addiction and how we can support our loved ones. You are all amazing! A grateful Mom in Central New York.

Connie, Allies in Recovery Member

February 7, 2023       The BEST tools in the toolbox are from Allies in Recovery! CRAFT!

Annemarie, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

January 25, 2023    Allies in Recovery is a very workable approach to motivating a person with substance use disorder into recovery while maintaining healthy self-care boundaries.

Peggy, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

January 23, 2023     I began using the principles/suggestions with my daughter and found them to be helpful. I am so grateful for all I learned through CRAFT and how it helped my daughter and I connect.

Sheila, Allies in Recovery Member

January 21, 2023     I’ve visited your website a ton of times since I signed up in 2018! It’s been very helpful. Thank you!

Molly, Allies in Recovery Member

January 20, 2023      Thank you for being here.

exhausted, Allies in Recovery Member

January 9, 2023    I’m finding your site helpful as I start educating myself as a parent of an anorexic. Thank you.

Nicola, Allies in Recovery Member

January 7, 2023    I wanted to let you know that my beautiful daughter left our world on Friday 12/23. She was so happy and knew she was so loved. The last 18 months with her were the best. She was her true self and loving life. She had a new job she loved, attended numerous family events and vacations and thoroughly enjoyed every one. She was at such peace with herself. I cant thank you enough for all the support i received from you which inevitably resulted in our relationship being so great. The text picture I had sent to her that morning said “I’ve had the time of my life raising you” i meant it and she knew it. ♥.

help4t, Allies in Recovery Member

December 27, 2022     I share all of your [Allies in Recovery] posts to my Al-Anon home group because they are so smart and loving. Thank you for insight and support.

Theresa, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

November 30, 2022    During the 20 years of struggle and reprieve I don’t remember feeling as supported and sustained as I do now with Leah and Dominique working “in solidarity” with me.

Susan, Allies in Recovery Member

November 20, 2022      Allies in Recovery is a life saver and I have peace of mind knowing that it is there for me and so many others when needed.

Jennifer, Allies in Recovery Member

November 10, 2022       The content on the Allies in Recovery website is essential. We need this support for all parents in the community.

Tiffany, Allies in Recovery Member

November 8, 2022        I’ve been consistently impressed with the personalized attention Allies in Recovery has provided over the last several months. The tools I’ve learned from your website are empowering and it works. I had looked at many sites and investigated many groups, but unfortunately many I found to be based on emotion at best or on fear at worst. I’ve recommend the Allies website to my friends and clients on a regular basis as I’m confident others will receive the same unparalleled support that I’ve received. Your kind words, detailed guidance with the website, and ongoing encouragement have been so refreshing.

Ruby, Allies in Recovery Member

November 4, 2022      Allies in Recovery is a GREAT program! Thank you for hosting this training and sharing this knowledge with the community.

Patricia, Allie's CRAFT Training Participant

October 30, 2022     In the twenty years of struggle and reprieve I’ve experienced I don’t remember ever feeling as supported as I do now with Leah and Dominique working “in solidarity” with me. I am sending the Allies in Recovery team infinite gratitude for supporting me with this heavy burden.

Susan, Allies in Recovery Member

October 28, 2022      Thank you! We so appreciate Allies in Recovery and all you do. CRAFT is life changing work.

Molly, Allies in Recovery Member

October 24, 2022      I appreciate the help that Leah and Dominique provided me and my family. I have been bragging about Allies in Recovery to anyone that will listen! I’ve been attending the groups on a weekly basis for awhile now and find them very helpful. I find it incredibly beneficial to work on myself and change how I react to things. I feel this is the way forward for me and my family, and Allie’s training/support groups really help me.

Barbara, Allies in Recovery Member

October 22, 2022      I wanted to reach out with a huge thank you. This site and many of you have helped me and my husband dramatically. He has been alcohol free for almost two years. He is honest and forthright about his addiction. Our life is restored and better than its ever been. CRAFT really works. It’s logical, challenging and gives peace. Keep up the great work. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Lucy, Allies in Recovery Member

October 20, 2022      I’ve taken several CRAFT trainings over the years and my training experience with Allie’s was by far THE BEST! I am a strong advocate of the CRAFT method and Allie’s’ training taught me more hands-on skills than any other. I walked away feeling more confident as a provider. Thank you!

Jeani, Allie's CRAFT Training Participant

October 17, 2022     I am so grateful for your time and expertise today, Leah and Dominique. I feel a sense of new found hope and purpose.

Joan, Allies in Recovery Member

October 6, 2022     I appreciate your generosity, and all that everyone at Allies in Recovery does to support those of us who have Loved Ones with substance use disorders.

Patricia M., Allies in Recovery Member

August 22, 2022     I cannot tell you what a thrill, honor & privilege it was to take part in this amazing training. I loved the content, the like-minded people & I am so eager to begin utilizing the new concepts & tools.

Linda A., Allie's CRAFT Training Participant

August 20, 2022     As a mother of a beautiful daughter that is in recovery and a son that is still working hard on his recovery, I THANK you for what you do, for the grace and sincerity in which you doo it. You have a gift in making a safe space to ask difficult questions and have real conversations. I also appreciated our group conversations and opening during the training. I really couldn’t have added anything to make it a better experience.

Lisa, Allie's CRAFT Training Participant

August 12, 2022    Love these emails [Broadcasts] with links! Over half of the specific topics you happen to send seem incredibly relevant to our situation NOW!

Jenny, Allies in Recovery Member

August 2, 2022    This is what I believe my HP [Higher Power] wanted me to see right now as we are facing a very similar situation today with our son. Thank you so much, Dominique, for this timely comfort. Thank you so very much for all you and your team are doing for parents and families. I am a very grateful mom.

Connie, Allies in Recovery Member

July 29, 2022   The meeting yesterday was so helpful to me, and I wanted to say thank you. The way you explained how punishment does not really work, how it hurts the relationship to be punitive, and what other options are better, really opened my eyes. Later in the day my son had come down and wanted to go to a party. We were able to have an open discussion about it and what would be there and how he would manage. I used your suggestions, and we ended in a really good place. The party was cancelled, but the honesty he had with telling me what was going on was just huge, and it was because of how I asked the questions.

Jess A., Allies in Recovery Member

July 25, 2022    I have completed most of the modules, I have 2 left.  I love your podcast and in-between doing the modules I have listened to your podcast and come to the blog looking for answers. I am planning to join one of the online support groups soon. Your site and resources have given me so much hope and support with my son’s SUD. Thank you!!

Kathy, Allies in Recovery Member

July 22, 2022   CRAFT and Vivitrol are helping over the last 5 months. At this point my loved one initiates discussion, primarily after drinking, brings up all sorts of things, including ideas about the future, and action items for both of us. Thanks for all you are doing!

Jenny H., Allies in Recovery Member

July 1, 2022    I am very glad to see the growth of Allies in Recovery. I appreciate the spirit of love and generosity with which you and your team have developed and shared the resources. CRAFT [ . . . ] was part of my journey toward my own recovery from abuse.

Barbara, Former Allies in Recovery Member

July 1, 2022    Can’t thank you enough for all you do, Dominique. I have become an unofficial ambassador for CRAFT and I’ve sent many your way. Things are going well now with my loved one – but you have NO IDEA how helpful you have been along the way. Bless you.

Jackie, Allies in Recovery Member

June 13, 2022    [T]hank you both [Laurie & Dominique] so much for your fantastic presentation on your work with the CRAFT model and The students really appreciated your sincerity, warmth and tremendous insight into the psychological dynamics of addiction and ways by which families can change how they reward connectivity and detach when their loved one is using. I think that one of the most important points that stood out of your presentation is that we are dealing not with an addict only, but a real human being struggling in the quest for acceptance, validation, and self-worth.


Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT

June 4, 2022   So pleased to see ‘CRAFT’. It makes all the difference.

Rhonda, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

May 27, 2022   These [Allies in Recovery “Coming Up For Air”] podcasts have the most helpful information for a family dealing with addiction. The hostesses are very knowledgeable and let you know you can cope with whatever situation you find yourself in. After listening to these three hosts for a year I now have hope for a better relationship with my loved one.

Pam, Comment via Allies in Recovery Facebook Page

May 18, 2022    [Allies in Recovery’s] response is very validating. I teared up a bit in gratitude. I think that my biggest struggle is with uncertainty about my thoughts and decisions and being a part of Allies in Recovery helps so much with this! I am also going to start seeing a counselor soon, and I think we are going to work on being honest with myself and not afraid to feel my feelsEvery now and then, I do feel joyful excitement for the way my life is right now.  I have lived in a way that I have to be vigilant and tiptoe around the lives of unstable family members for all of my 54 years, and I am seeing that I don’t actually need to live like that moving forward. It is a huge change.

blueskies22, Allies in Recovery Member

May 16, 2022   My condition for his return was that the opiates needed to go. I considered this harm reduction and put the weed, etc., issue aside. He has been seeing a counselor weekly and is on Suboxone. I learned about CRAFT from the Partnership to End Addiction. I found your organization, joined and worked on the modules. It has really been a lifesaver and I feel my relationship with my son has already improved.

stinkyvan1, Allies in Recovery Member

May 13, 2022   Good day! Thank you so much for the free membership. It has been so beneficial already. I have much to learn with a free membership. I have completed half of the modules. Thank you!

Karen, Allies in Recovery Member

May 9, 2022   This podcast has been a lifesaver for my husband and I as we struggle with our son’s active drug use. The concepts we’ve learned through listening to this podcast have given us actionable steps to take instead of feeling so helpless and have given us hope of being able to get our son into treatment someday. I hate to think where we would be if we hadn’t found “Coming Up for Air”.

CountryKim65, Apple Podcast Listener

May 7, 2022   I’ve written to you two other times and have been grateful for the support and service I have received. This group is the most gifted and talented group I have ever experienced. My adult son has come a long way in his journey with SUD. He has many supports and services and uses them well. However, he is struggling with a new aspect of this journey.

kspring, Allies in Recovery Member

April 18, 2022   Thank you very much for this information. You guys have been stellar with your actions and responsiveness.

William, Allies in Recovery Member

April 15, 2022   I’m getting a lot from the “Coming Up for Air” podcast. My partner suffers with alcoholism. This info is more useful and empowering for me than that offered in Al-Anon.

Poopnie, Apple Podcast Listener

April 1, 2022   I just signed up again after enjoying a free membership at the beginning of COVID. I am not in the thick of it any more. I lived with an active alcoholic for 30 years and we are still together and he has changed. I found that CRAFT changed my life for the better and I believe that my influence did help my loved one to get a handle on his drinking. He drinks once or twice a week at the most, and it is not excessive. He feels proud of himself and he tells me that he will never revert back to how he used to be. I am proud of him; it was a long and difficult road.

blueskies22, member

Feb 16, 2022   I have learned a ton about addiction through the “Coming Up for Air” podcast. 1. Provides ways to communicate with your loved one and more importantly how to communicate in general. I particularly liked podcast #69 with reflective listening. 2. Prior to having a loved one with addiction, I didn’t really understand addiction. Now that I have a better grasp of the disease, the resentment I had toward my daughter has disappeared. I am better able to respond rather than react. I am grateful for this podcast. Thank you!

Snowboarder Renee, Apple Podcast Listener

Feb 3, 2022   I am so, so pleased to find your site. Running across your site has been so inspiring to me as I truly believe in the CRAFT model and that it should be more accessible and widely used.

Lisa, Allies in Recovery Member

Jan 27, 2022   This has been a WONDERFUL resource, and I’m so grateful for all the resources you provide. You guys are doing wonderful work.

Allies, member

Jan 18, 2022   I am so happy to have found this website! I have had wanted to learn what to do in just about each situation in the modules. It’s like you have been to my house and able to see what is going on. As a Mom with a son with a substance abuse issues, I feel like I’ve found a place where I’m understood. Thank you.

Connie W, member

Dec 29, 2021  As a Clinical Social Worker and Family Addiction Coach I love everything about Allies in Recovery; including this podcast. With a 70% success rate of a loved one entering treatment, CRAFT is an approach my families find extremely valuable. Hearing from others through this podcast series who have recovered from the impact of addiction is useful on many levels. Well done!

pdoyle1, Apple Podcast Listener

Dec 23, 2021  Love the work you do!

Chrisjm17, member

Nov 21, 2021   I have already gained so much from the modules that I have watched and the podcasts coupled with what I know from SMART.

Casey50, member

Nov 15, 2021   I love the “Coming Up for Air” podcasts from Allies in Recovery. They offer clear, helpful, and relatable information for those of us who have a loved one with substance use disorder. I can’t thank them enough!

Hopefulin2018, Apple Podcast Listener

Nov 6, 2021   Thank you! Laurie MacDougall is an amazing support group leader & educator.  I have learned so much from Laurie’s online weekly support groups.

ConcernedCaliMom, member

Nov 4, 2021   I’m also grateful for the support I’ve received from Allies In Recovery and continue to refer clients and friends. I strongly believe in the value of alternatives or additions to the AA/Al-Anon model. Take care and thank you for the wonderful work you do!

lori2, member

Nov 1, 2021   I have enjoyed reading your emails. The information has tremendous value to me as I have been living with a son who is dealing with substance use problems. It is going to be a long journey, but I am starting to see him engage in doing work with his addiction councillor and group sessions.

Myslowice, member

Oct 20, 2021   Thank you for all that you and the team do in support of families like mine. Best wishes.

JodyD, member

Oct 17, 2021   Thank you Dominique for all your support and for everything you are doing for everyone on the site.

Chicagomom, member

Oct 13, 2021   Thanks for all you do!

Grace, member

Oct 12, 2021   Thanks again for all that you do. This site has been a blessing to me.

help4t, member

Sep 21, 2021   Thank you for this incredible program! My working the Allies in Recovery program and attending Al-Anon has allowed me to become more calm and stable and to begin building a better relationship with my young adult despite a household split.

green, member

Sep 17, 2021   I have been through the modules and I love listening to the coming up for air podcasts. Thank you for all you do. I have been using your site for some time and have appreciated the guidance, the REST groups, and the blog postings. Everything is so helpful. When listening to the podcasts, I have picked up so much more information that goes along with the modules.

Strawberry, member

Sep 13, 2021    My employer’s HR department is big on mental health care, so I’ve offered to collaborate on an internal email article to share Allies in Recovery with my colleagues. I wish I had come across it sooner, and if my employer had suggested it to me, I surely would have given it a try. I’m thrilled to help expose others who could benefit from it, in any way I can.

Thank you very much for the reply and help for my specific questions, and thanks for all the amazing resources via Allies in Recovery. I’ll post a reply once I’ve read and considered more carefully, but all your resources are incredibly comforting. All my appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved. Thank you.

ellecal, member

Aug 26, 2021   The resources on your site have been very helpful getting me through the past week, thank you.

ellecal, member

Aug 08, 2021    I cannot thank you enough for this sage advice and support. I understand that this sort of input can take time. We are working as best we can with our son and are remaining supportive as well as hopeful. Again, thank you so much. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

exhausted, member

Jul 20, 2021   Dominique, thank you for your response to my question back in April regarding my son and meth. I have read and reread the suggestions. This weekend, my son entered a dual diagnosis rehabilitation center. I would say it was about about 16 weeks of using CRAFT completely before he went in. Your modules have saved his life, thank you. The day he agreed to go, that morning I AGAIN reread the module on talking to him about treatment. The communication skills my husband and I have used for 16 weeks have changed this household since we now use reflective talk and affirmations. Laurie’s meetings are also priceless… and life saving. The decision making steps we use gives us a sense of confidence and direction that we are doing the right thing. I was afraid that I would eventually have to ask my son to leave the home. But I really didn’t understand that philosophy. How will I help him if I couldn’t show him love and support? Your program guided me on how to treat him and how to communicate with him and it really makes a difference. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, shortly after sending my original question, my son left the counselor that he was seeing. So I know the CRAFT steps are what really made a difference in his decision to go. I know we are in this for the long haul, and this is just the beginning, but him going to treatment is huge. Right after I read your blog response, it took about 4-5 days to solidify a list to have for him. When he was ready this weekend, I can not imagine what we would have done if we hadn’t been ready with the list. Not only did we have the list but insurance was approved for each of the places so the process this weekend was pretty smooth. Thank you again for your guidance and support. Allies in Recovery truly is saving my family’s life.

jl5549, member

Jul 2, 2021   Thank you. The Allies site has been a tremendous help to me and my husband. We are learning new ways to communicate with our son that are positive for everyone. Yes, it’s difficult but so worth it. Thank you again for being there. You’ve been a light in a 10+ year storm.

buckeyebunny, member

Jun 30, 2021   Thanks very much! Allies has been very helpful to me over the past several years. The modules, exercises, and personal advice have helped me navigate a difficult situation and improved relationships with family members so much. I really appreciate the site and recommend it whenever I find someone else in a similar situation.

mizkitty, member

Jun 23, 2021   I’ve been listening to the podcast “Coming up for air” daily and they have helped me so much. Baby steps, but I actually had my first “normal” nonexplosive phone conversation with my son in over 2 years. I used CRAFT techniques. He actually gave me some information that his “appointments” were NA meetings. He’s going 4 times a week. He still only initiates any communication when he has a problem or needs money, but it’s a start. Thank you for being here!

buckeyebunny, member

Jun 15, 2021   I really appreciate this site and work of Allies in Recovery. I’ve only known the Al-Anon and Codependency approach before. I’m finding it so helpful to see addiction and recovery in a new way. It is so liberating. And I’m so grateful. Thank you for your work.

johnsharpimages, member

Jun 4, 2021   Keeps me grounded and hopeful. I have learned a ton about addiction through the podcast. 1. Provides ways to communicate with your loved one and more importantly how to communicate. I particularly liked podcast #69 with reflective listening. 2. Prior to having a loved one with addiction, I really didn’t understand addiction. Now that I have a better grasp of the disease, the resentment I had toward my daughter has disappeared. Now I am better able to respond rather than react. I am so grateful for this podcast. Thank you!

Snowboarder Renee

Jun 2, 2021   Hello, I haven’t written in quite a while. My husband just passed his 6 month 100% sobriety. Our life is changing and healing before our eyes. The concepts I learned on this site about natural consequences and how and when to talk with my husband has dramatically changed my life. I have peace and stability, before he ever changed. Then I was able to really help. I encourage you to embrace and apply the learning here.

E320, member

May 25, 2021   Thank you for all you do.

willa, member

May 26, 2021   Laurie is a tremendous guiding light for both me and my husband as we continue on this journey with our son. I am learning boundaries and we are working on creating a functional analysis for a better understanding of the behaviors, their triggers and their respective outcomes both positive and negative . She is helping us navigate the CRAFT methodology. We are eternally grateful for Laurie and for Allies In Recovery as we continue on  this journey.

Jeanne, member

May 25, 2021   Thank you for the email, Dominique! Allies in recovery is very helpful for me.

elenagor, member

May 25, 2021   Thanks for your wonderful member site! It’s been a tremendous help to me 🙂

makethesunshine, member

May 19, 2021   Thank you for all your kind words and support, I didn’t realize how badly I needed to hear it. I’m so glad I found this site in 2019 when I did.

ccomtl2014, member

May 19, 2021   I enjoy reading these posts

Winni, member

May 19, 2021   This was such a helpful email! Thanks!

Pioneergirl17, member

May 19, 2021   Thank you for all of the valuable information. Truly appreciated

3Cats4488, member

May 18, 2021   Thank you!! I was telling my husband yesterday that there are still people in the world that care. Thank you for your time.

monica, member

May 12, 2021   The modules, podcast, and blogs have been very helpful, and I will keep growing and learning. Thank you for the support.

debbiebutcher, member

May 12, 2021   Please keep sending me your emails, there’s always something new to learn [on] how to navigate through our difficult circumstances. Thank you for your time spent on every advice given through email and through allies in recovery website.

Sami21, member

May 12, 2021   Thank you — I appreciate your words of wisdom. Please keep sending me emails.

BRAY.Lee B., member

May 12, 2021   Thank you for all you do!

1Sugarbear, member

May 10, 2021   Thanks for this program it has been a great support to me over the years.

jl5549, member

May 12, 2021   We find the regular updates extremely helpful. Thank you so much for the support you provide, even to us ‘over the pond’!

Jones, member

May 10, 2021    Thank you for this support.

flowergirl, member

May 10, 2021   Thanks for this program it has been a great support to me over the years.

jl5549, member

May 7, 2021   I can’t thank you enough for your website and helping me set these boundaries! I realize addiction is a roller coaster ride, but thank you for being on this ride with me! I know there will be setbacks, but I am so proud of him for taking these first steps in his recovery! Thank you again and God Bless All of You for allowing free access to your website!

Layla, member

May 7, 2021   Thank you so much for all of these suggestions and steps in setting up boundaries! I have been sticking to my boundaries with my 40 year old son and I am pleased to report he has taken the first steps to recovery! He has been 9 days sober and a completely different son and father to his two children, aged 10 and 11!

Layla, member

May 4, 2021   I appreciate so much your responses and all of the breakdown with recommendations you have made. It has been so helpful and so reassuring to just have someone to talk to and understand.

lbell, member

May 4, 2021    I’ll stay in touch and keep you updated. Again, thank you. I’m so appreciative of all the help and kindness that’s offered here. It means a lot.

LauraW, member

May 3, 2021   I am a member of Allies in Recovery and have greatly benefitted personally from my involvement in AIR and in Kayla Solomon’s support group.

sun8383, member

Apr 26, 2021   Thank you again for this excellent resource. . . . . I’m listening for wishes and dips, and they’re getting easier to recognize.

LauraW, member

Apr 23, 2021   Thank you so much for this response. I wish I had found this place earlier.

Jamp, member

Apr 17, 2021   I love going to the Allies site – it fills me up. A visit to the site always reminds me of the good side of humanity and our capacity to help each other through times of struggle. Whenever I need it, Allies is there, offering warmth, insight, and practical information I can use in my own life. The stories shared remind me I am not alone, and I always learn something helpful. Love you guys. Keep up the good work.

Giffy, member

Apr 16, 2021    I am so grateful for this site …lessons [from Module]  7 were great….and Podcast 74 was so helpful.

justbreathe, member

Apr 16, 2021   Thank you thank you thank you….I can’t say it enough.

justbreathe, member

Apr 6, 2021   I feel your understanding and compassion in this post and all the others I read here on Allies. . . . Thank you for replying to my post. Your whole team works incredibly hard and it makes Allies In Recovery a real force for good in families with SUD.

gptraveler, member

Apr 1, 2021   I am feeling so blessed to have hooked up with you and this site.  Allies in Recovery is a God-send to me and I can’t thank you enough.  We do not have anyone in my Province (Saskatchewan) who practices the CRAFT method.  I phoned many counselors and most had not even heard of it.  We do have an addictions counsellor for our school system in the province that uses components of it so I am happy to have found him.  Anyway, I want to thank you for your prompt and meaningful response.  I am so appreciative of everything that your organization does for people and the humility you show.  I have also started listening to the Podcasts which I find amazing.

Terrilyn, member

Mar 30, 2021   Thank you for your assistance. Your CRAFT modules provide guidance and support, thank you.

jl5549, member

Mar 23, 2021   “Thank you so much for addressing my concerns in this article. Your answer definitely gave me some much needed clarity. My husband and I have made a conscious effort to use more positive communication with our daughter in the past several months. I truly believe that this has contributed to her compliance & co-operative attitude toward drug court.”

LauraW, member

Mar 23, 2021   Hi there – I really appreciate the online course.  It is amazing.  I am current on “Whats going on with your loved one”.  Thank you!

Wakingdance, member

Mar 12, 2021   Thanks for all this food for thought. I find new gems with every visit.

gptraveler, member

Mar 7, 2021   Hello. First I would like to say thank you for this wonderful resource. Your site has been a great help and comfort to me already.

LauraW, member

Dec 18, 2020   The Allies in Recovery website has been very helpful to me on my own journey with my son and I have recommended your website to many friends and acquaintances. I am a big fan.

nannygoat715, member

Dec 15, 2020   I find the AiR site invaluable. It’s easy to understand and to make a part of one’s life. It helps to support the LO while focusing on the needs of their family (which is usually overlooked in other methodologies). I am truly grateful to have stumbled upon AiR and CRAFT. Thank you so much.

Paulette33, member

Dec 15, 2020   I love the site and am so very grateful for it. Thank you!

Lehni1, member

Dec 13, 2020   [T]he facility and the people have helped me work through quite a bit of my issues and I shall always be grateful for that. I say don’t change a thing, what you all have going there is a great thing.

yamantaka, member

Dec 13, 2020   It is hard to measure how much the program affected my loved one, but I know for me it helped me feel less terrified and gave me some hope.

fissured, member

Dec 13, 2021 I liked the advice about talking to your loved ones in a less confrontational manner.

sandra.bravo, member

Dec 13, 2020   I really enjoy reading the stories of how other parents deal with addiction in their families. It gives me hope that things can and will be better.

Aaronsmom, member

Dec 13, 2020 I am using the site a lot ….. I’ve really enjoyed Kayla’s group. I was learning a lot from Laurie’s group and then my schedule changed ….. I may join the Tuesday group. I’d love a Friday group. I like that the lessons are short and easy to return to! I’ve used all sections of the site and may do more journaling. Thank you for being here!

thePheasant, member

Dec 12, 2020   I so appreciate the tools I’ve learned to help navigate through this difficult journey of addiction with my loved one. I had been looking for this type of training/support for a very long time and am so grateful to have discovered Allies In Recovery earlier this summer. I have more confidence in knowing what my role is in all of this, than at any other time during this long and painful journey. I can’t thank the team at Allies enough for all the ways they come alongside to support family members of those struggling with SUD.

Hopeandhealing, member

Dec 11, 2020   I . . . really enjoy your podcast, it helps me when I’m feeling hopeless and at a loss of what to do next.

Moverly165, member

Dec 11, 2020   Hi, I have been a “lurker”, having visited Allies in Recovery (AIR) a great deal at the beginning when I found out the full extent my adult son’s drug use. As my son did not live at home, I felt at a loss to how I could influence anything. In my despair, I searched and found the AIR site. Voracious reading of the articles and elearning on AIR helped me realize that I could indeed move the needle in the direction of healing. I studied, and applied the advice I was learning step by step, and as consistently as I could. I started to gently bring the subject of inpatient rehab treatment. Speed up to today: after much love, prayers, talks, ups and many downs, my son has checked himself into an inpatient center. He is halfway through the 3 month program. He is learning so much and looking like his true self again. The program will continue for another 2 years after he “graduates” back into society. I and his brothers can and do meet with other program resident loved ones for the same amount of time. I know that there are always risks, but my son’s motivation is his own. As well, this situation is vastly better than the alternatives. All of this to say that AIR helped me take the first steps in learning what to do. That we loved ones can influence our addicted family members. THANK YOU AIR!!!    – Laura xo    

Laura3, member

Dec 10, 2020   My son is now 18 months sober and active in treatment!! It was helpful to have a script or suggestions as to what to say when situations became difficult.

luckyrose, member

Dec 10, 2020   Your site was tremendously helpful for me during my son’s using and recovery, over 3 years ago now. It guided me through a profound change in how I saw my son, myself and all persons who suffer, not just addicts. It taught me in a step by step way to meet suffering with compassion and an open heart. I continue to use what I learned on AIR in so many situations and have passed on the techniques to others often giving you the credit you deserve. I hope that the changes I was able to make with your help on this site had an influence on my son’s choice to stop using.  I’m guessing you would like to see that link established as well. But I was only his Ally and can’t speak for what finally got him to long term Recovery. The most positive thing was that your site gave me hope when I feared there was none. Thank you for changing my life.

momdog, member

Dec 9, 2020   Your site is excellent.

Lynne72, member

Dec 9, 2020   I like allies in recovery because, although I never gave up hope that my son would find his way into recovery, it gave me ideas and tools to help him and of course reminded me how important it is to look after myself. Here in England I was only ever told that by giving my son food and shelter that I was enabling him and that I should detach. I tried to find out how to detach with love and was met with silence.  Allies gave me structure for a way forward. Allies gave me positivity and the resolve to carry on. It endorsed my belief in the kind of support I was giving my son. . . . My son is 27. His addictions were heroin and cocaine. In recovery 18 months taking a low dose of methadone. Living alone nearby. He is managing his life. I’m enjoying one day at a time and I’m sure he is too. With thanks and kind regards. 

Christophina, member

Dec 9, 2020   The resources available are very helpful including the Wednesday night group.  I have learned a lot about this disease thanks to this organization.

jdaggett, member

Dec 9, 2020   Relevant topics. Ability to ask a question and receive an answer which are always relevant. Training modules are great. Site is well organized  I’ve recommended it to many people. I facilitate a support group for family and friends through Smart Recovery.

Millicent, member

Dec 9, 2020   The Wednesday night group with Kayla is extraordinarily helpful. I haven’t missed one since I started. I consider attending the group an essential part of my own recovery as a mom of son with SUD. I am deeply appreciative of Allies for offering this incredible service. The website is very good also: modules, discussion section. I have reached out to so many resources and what you offer is at the absolute top.

maunalani, member

Dec 9, 2020   Our LO has not yet reduced use or gone into treatment, but I believe that what we have learned is helping us be an influence for good in those directions and would help us better support continued participation in treatment.  This has been enormously helpful. We still have a long ways to go, but we are in a much better position to walk the journey with our LO. Thank you! I/we have moved on to additional resources aligned with CRAFT approach as well. We absolutely love the spirit and content of Dominique’s videos. It is really helpful for me to see things conceptually laid out on paper as well. We studied the printed training materials with benefit, but I ended up creating my own high-level outline of how all the pieces and parts fit together. That high-level conceptual framework is helpful in additional to the training. It would not mean much without understanding the underlying background details, but once those details are understood it is such a helpful quick reference, especially when trying to share within someone else. Thank you! You do incredible work.

Cyclist, member