January 2021

This organization is so impressive. Dominique Simon-Levine offers clear, compassionate and intelligent advice. It’s a wonderful resource for families trying to support their loved ones in the challenges to recover from substance use. Spread the word!”  —  MEMBER E320 (or) Allies in Recovery member

“Great video! Very powerful.”     —Allies in Recovery member

“You are an enormous help and comfort. Thank you.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Thank you very much. I also used the craft method to have the talk with him on Wednesday, and that was what allowed him to open up and talk a bit and then agree to get more help.” —Allies in Recovery member

“I sincerely hope that more and more people, who are dealing with addiction, will discover craft to help their loved ones. I realize that we are just starting on a path to recovery but feel craft was a big help thus far already.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“He seems genuinely happy and he is sober. He calls it “starting his new life.” We are happy for him. Thank you so much for helping us get to this point.”
—Allies in Recovery member

December 2020

“I am so grateful for the resources here on this site. Thank you to all who have worked to make this available.”  — Carla, AiR member   

“Thank you first of all for this support and the offerings I see available here.”     —Allies in Recovery member  

“I’m not sure if you understand how valuable your recommendations are to me. During crises like this I truly appreciate your input.” — bigfluffydog2, Allies in Recovery member

“your {responses} ground me and give me a rational approach to {jim’s} problems.”  —Allies in Recovery member  

Your website has been extremely helpful for me and I really felt it’s been the best resource ever offered to families struggling with addiction issues. 
—Allies in Recovery member “rcvr “

” [This site] is so hopeful in what seems like a hopeless situation much of the time. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do.” —Allies in Recovery member 

November 2020

“You guys went to work with me on everything with the ultimate goal of maintaining the family unit…”  —Allies in Recovery member  

“You taught me how to give positive feedback, how and when to withdraw, when to disengage, [and] how to temper my anger so that we didn’t do ‘the same old stuff.’”  —Allies in Recovery member  

“It is excellent. I’m particularly impressed with how professional and creative you’ve made it. Even the artwork is wonderful. But most of all, your passion, compassion, competence and love for the visitor…is abundantly clear.  I think your site will be very helpful for the families of those struggling with substance abuse. I personally found it educational and inspiring.”   —Andrew Agwunobi, MD

 “Your comments are very helpful and the sample language is very much appreciated.”  –Allies in Recovery member

“You are doing important and necessary work. [I feel] great gratitude.”   
—Mary, Allies in Recovery member

 “All in all I feel she is moving forward and what I have learned and put into play from ALLIES IN RECOVERY is working great for us.” – Allies in Recovery member

“…. On the good side, use seems to be way, way down since Feb 1st.”  
—Allies in Recovery Member

“I love this site.” —Allies in Recovery member

“I … found [your post] exceptionally helpful and well thought out. I’d like to thank you for the time and effort that you obviously put into it.”  


“I can’t tell you how impressed I am by your message! … You should be proud. What you do is so important.”  —Dr. Lina Racicot, Director of Graduate Psychology, American International College

“I want to say THANK YOU for your thoughtful comment to my concern.  You really understand what I am going through.”  —Kpeters, Allies in Recovery member

“I appreciate the variety of support and information Allies in Recovery offers” —Allies in Recovery member 

“I’m very happy to find this site, this approach … I feel like I’m finally connected to people and information that can help me help my daughter.” 
—kttrend, Allies in Recovery member

 “Thank you for the courage to take a stance on this sensitive subject and to open the door for discussion!”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Hello, this site is an incredible resource, so well organized and so well thought out.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Thank you ALLIES IN RECOVERY you are wonderful!”  —Allies in Recovery member

“This is a wonderful site, there is so much to learn…” —Allies in Recovery member 

“I appreciate your site so much. It’s brought me such peace of mind and guidance.”  —Allies in Recovery member

Thanks again Dominique. You’re a wonderful human being to be able to develop a site that helps so many!”  —Allies in Recovery member

Thank you so much for your kind and wise response!”  —Allies in Recovery member

 I am so grateful for this support. This is exactly what I need.”  —Allies in Recovery member

This [post] was so very clarifying and helpful, thank you.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“This [post] was extremely helpful and eyeopening – how to use the site and behaviors I need to change. Thank you.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Thank you does not even began to express how much I appreciate your support.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Thank you very much for this resource. I had wished for something exactly like this.”  —Allies in Recovery member

“An amazing website” —Director of a Family Support Services Facility

“I am so grateful for all your guidance and support! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“I am so grateful to have found Allies in Recovery as a source of support and education so I can better understand my daughter’s addiction and recovery.” —Allies in Recovery Member

I thank Dominique so much for the support she has given.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“By following the CRAFT modules and blogs on this site, along with help from Dominique and her team I am happy to say that my family is flourishing.” 
— help4t, Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you Dominique and CRAFT. We are so so blessed.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“I am enjoying learning about the CRAFT method and finding it really valuable…..Keep up the great work, and thank you.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“Your emails encouraging people to make the most of the site are … really helpful in being supported.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you so much for your follow up and your hands-on support!”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“It is very uplifting to me to have your help … on the Allies in Recovery site.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

The website is great.”  — A professional in the field of Addiction

“I appreciate the support, it made a difference”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“You provide such a wonderful resource for the community.” —Katy, Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you so much for taking your time to respond.  I am very grateful for your perspective and encouragement, along with your patience for my own struggles!  Truly, discovering Allies in Recovery and being able to connect with you are gifts beyond measure with the difficulties of substance abuse.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“It has been a learning experience, to say the least. I am so happy to share that one of my nephews is coming up on his 1-year anniversary of sobriety and I am so proud and happy for him. I cannot express how grateful for all the support, kindness and education you all gave me. Especially, Dominique Simon-Levine, PhD Founder & CEO. I am in awe of you and your dedication and support. I was at my wits end and you were amazing to me. He successfully, networked and started meetings the day after we landed in LA. Completed his IOP. Found a Sponsor who is amazing. Got a job that he has held for 6 months and is now living with a few other friends who are also sober. Continues to network and is thriving. I am so grateful and he is very proud of himself, which is huge! I continue to educate myself and one of the most important lessons was and still is. It’s not about me, it’s his journey, I only provided an opportunity and could not have done it without you Dominique and ALLIES IN RECOVERY. It’s so hard to watch someone you love struggle and if you need to take a step back. Do it, because if you don’t you will suffer just as much watching.

Light and love to all. Desperate aunt is not desperate anymore :)”  

—Desperate Aunt, Allies in Recovery Member

“Much appreciated Dominique…your site is a tremendous comfort to me. Knowing I’m not alone or unique in this battle makes the battle seem winnable”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“CRAFT! Where have you been all my life?”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you so much, I am so grateful for your response, it is exactly what I needed to hear. I have a session with my therapist scheduled, and the hospital was fantastic with post-care referrals for the both of us. My partner is doing well too, she does seem to have a new renewed sense of urgency for staying sober.

I right along have been doing the e-course and will continue to along with readjusting my exercises. I can’t state to you enough how great this e-course is. It’s practical, informative, and empathetic to the addict and the loved one watching just the same. The CRAFT method is a Godsend because it’s much more humane in my view. This isn’t an easy process, however I have learned so Much along the way.

Thank you again for your time.”  —Allies in Recovery member

 I know that Allies In Recovery has impacted me and my family in such a positive way. I am much stronger and better able to take care of myself because if it. I also have a special place in my heart for Dominique, she has no idea what a difference she has made.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you for sharing this [post]. It has given me another perspective and most importantly HOPE! I think it is time I look at myself a little closer.”  
—Allies in Recovery Member

“This morning [I] listened to the podcast on the CRAFT method — which is excellent with so many relevant concepts and details come out in such a caring/sincere format.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“I have found [your emails] to be very informative and helpful as I work with families encountering loved ones with addiction and offer support to them on how to navigate the road ahead.”  —Social Worker

“Your website is incredibly smart and helpful and I’ve recommended it to many others…”  —Allies in Recovery member

“Thanks so very much for all the support and information.  Makes me hopeful.”  —920Sunshine!, Allies in Recovery member

“Sincere thanks. You have been invaluable.” —Allies in Recovery Member

“I have benefited from CRAFT and from Allies in Recovery by helping me understand the mechanisms at work, understanding my own role, and being able to recognize concrete steps to help preserve my own emotional health and that of the rest of my family.” —Allies in Recovery Member

“Reflecting on the year since my resolution, my lesson is that anything can happen. I learned to let go of some of the things that were beyond my control, and try to identify what I *could* do that would help.”  —Kate, Allies in Recovery Member

“Every email/Post I read pertains to my situation. I learn every time. It’s like a lifeline. I cannot thank you enough.”  —readr, Allies in Recovery member

“…Our son is finally doing well in recovery and we are thankful for that… he acknowledges our love and support – now! and is very thankful as well.”   
—Allies in Recovery Member

“Going through the modules in here calmed me down … though it seemed really hard at first, eventually it worked to help me learn to say the right things at the right time…”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“[I learned] to back off when it was not the appropriate time; also to keep myself from going “overboard”.”   —Allies in Recovery Member

“I have used your learning skills on my son. These skills have given me a great understanding of addiction and ways to communicate with my son. My son has responded to my behavior and has really opened up to me in regards to his addiction.

The most important role you played was teaching me the skills getting him into treatment. THANK YOU!”   —Allies in Recovery Member

“I am so appreciative of this resource.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“Your site is incredible and your resources and answers to questions are incredibly thorough and helpful.”  —Allies in Recovery Member

“I appreciate the emails that come in. They are the perfect ‘nudge’ to remind me to look at the site again.”   —Hopeful21, Allies in Recovery member

“The podcast is wonderfully relatable…”  —fanochoklit, Allies in Recovery member

“I was already familiar with CRAFT and was really pleased to find that AIR is so comprehensive.”  —fanochoklit, Allies in Recovery member

“Generally speaking, you provide very informative and positive feedback to everyone who reach out here. I consider myself to be a private person who does not easily confide. The opportunity for me to ask for help with my post hoping to get some support is a great relief. Thank you.”  —ritzn, Allies in Recovery member 

“Thank you so much for your feedback….Your platform is awesome!!”   
—ritzn, Allies in Recovery member 

“I am new to this program, and I very much appreciate all that I have learned here.”  —Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you so much again for creating this website. I am so impressed with all it. And I wish I would have known about it 5 years ago. Thanks again.” 
—Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

“I have been implementing the positive talk with him for a couple of days now, and we have had some days that are just great…” —Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member 

“If it was not for Allies in Recovery we would still be in limbo and useless in helping our loved ones.” —Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

These methods of interacting with my son have worked phenomenally. I can’t thank you enough for creating this site. I will tell every person I know about it.”  — Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

For a long time many people where telling me I needed to practice tough love with my son. That never felt right to me. But, I did try it and it was disastrous ….. I wanted more direction on how to interact with my son. I started surfing the web for other options ….. Long story short, I found Allies through YouTube, and I feel like I just won the lottery. It is by far the best information I have found to help effectively interact with my son.  I have had awesome results from using this new way of communicating. It is so easy to implement, and I love that the website has video modules and a place to ask questions and get answers. I will be telling all the parents [in my PAL group] about Allies, and I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to possibly share information that could help another parent. ”  — Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you again for all your help and for being a part of such a great organization. I hope the CRAFT method is the wave of the future for families like ours. It is the first thing that I have found that I feel completely comfortable with, and it has been so effective.” — Ivy2015, Allies in Recovery Member

“Excellent work you’re doing. What a helpful resource for both me and my sister with addicted family members.” —Gary58, Allies in Recovery member

“The new developments to the website are very positive. You are offering a wonderful service and much sound advice to the families of addicts.  Keep up the good work!” —silver15, Allies in Recovery member

“This organization is so impressive. Dominique Simon-Levine offers clear, compassionate and intelligent advice. It’s a wonderful resource for families trying to support their loved ones in the challenges to recover from substance use.” —Millicent, Allies in Recovery member

“The support and feedback you offer on this site has been so helpful on this journey.”  —Momdog, Allies in Recovery member

“There is so much rich content on AiR. I find it really helpful how your posts capture the frustration and difficulty of situations while offering perspective, techniques and practicalities. It’s amazing how you do that!  Thank you for all your offerings and the site’s varied resources.”   —Mostlysunny, Allies in Recovery member