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Addiction is ripping your family apart

What you’ve tried hasn’t helped and you may believe there’s nothing you can do about it.

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and let us coach and train you. You will learn an evidence-based method of communicating with your loved one who suffers from addiction.


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8 video/eBook modules with worksheets teach families how to vastly improve the situation with an addicted loved one.

“By following the CRAFT modules and blogs on this site, along with help from Dominique and her team I am happy to say that my family is flourishing.”
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Our interactive blogs provide expert individualized coaching (in the CRAFT method) & weekly self-care encouragement.

“There is so much rich content on AIR. I find it really helpful how your posts capture the frustration and difficulty of situations while offering perspective, techniques and practicalities. It’s amazing how you do that!  Thank you for all your offerings and the site’s varied resources.” — Member

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At any given moment, our members can choose from a menu of live expert support (to supplement the online coaching).

“The weekly support calls…are really supportive…Kayla’s emphasis on self-care and staying connected to a loved one is reinforced each call and covers both practical and emotional details.”    Member

“I’m grateful for my free consultation call yesterday. Laurie showed me all the main resources on the site and I can tell I will be well supported here.”  Member

Membership is FREE for families & individuals during the COVID-19 crisis

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The CRAFT method

The only scientifically studied and proventobe effective method for families to intervene with their addicted loved one and guide them toward treatment. Read up on the research on CRAFT

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