Are you at your wit’s end over your loved one’s drug or alcohol use? This virtual program was designed for you.

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Allies in Recovery is home to the premier virtual training program for anyone who cares for someone with addiction. Since 2003,  we have taught CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), the only behavioral training method designed specifically for families and scientifically proven to work. The Allies training program is also recognized by SAMHSA – the government agency that funds addiction prevention and treatment.

As Seen on the HBO Special “Addictions” (2008)

Featuring Allies in Recovery and Our Own Kayla Solomon

“I am so happy to have found this website! I have wanted to learn what to do in just about every situation outlined in your modules. It’s like you’ve been to my house and are able to see what is going on. As a mom with a son who struggles with substance use, I feel like I’ve finally found a place where I’m understood. Thank you!” – Allies in Recovery Member

“I have been through the modules and I love listening to the “Coming Up for Air” podcasts. Thank you for all you do! I have been using your site for some time and have appreciated the guidance, the groups, and the blog postings. Everything is so helpful.” – Willa, Allies Member 

Allies uses the CRAFT approach and methodologies to provide clear and tailored guidance on how to communicate, behave, intervene, and guide your Loved One toward recovery. And we do it all the time! Here’s how:


CRAFT Training Modules
  • Eight self-guided video modules
  • 26 brief, but critical databased exercises
  • Spanish translations


Access to the Allies Team
  • Interactive Q&A and Office Hours
  • Weekly Drop in CRAFT and Support groups
  • One-on-one CRAFT training (sliding scale)


Coming Up for Air Podcast
  • Weekly Podcasts by the Allies Team
  • The longest running broadcast for families of those with addiction


Member Blogs
  • All About the Pathways to Recovery Blog
  • News and resources on recovery
  • Help identifying options for treatment


Allies Advocate Human Resources
  • Intro to our website phone call
  • Weekly drop-in office hours
  • Membership Support when you need it


Audio Series
  • 3 Moms and a Dad: a prerecorded series of families working through CRAFT

What is CRAFT?

50% of people suffering from Substance Use Disorder, and who admit they have a problem, are resistant to getting help. CRAFT was designed with these individuals in mind.

Join the Allies Virtual Program for 6 months and We’ll Teach You

A greater understanding of the elements of addiction

A toolkit of everyday communication skills you will use to impact your Loved One’s substance use

What to do or say when your Loved One is using or isn’t using.

When and how to allow for “natural consequences”.

When and how to engage in “change talk” with your Loved One.

How to put together a treatment plan.

How to engage your Loved One into treatment and/or recovery activities.

How to keep everyone safer.

How Will Your Life Change?

“The information has tremendous value to me as I have been living with a son who is dealing with substance use problems. It is going to be a long journey, but I am starting to see him engage in doing work with his addiction counselor and group sessions.”  – Myslowice, Allies in Recovery Member

Meet the Allies in Recovery Team

Video of Laurie MacDougall Describing CRAFT

Laurie MacDougall went through the Allies CRAFT training to improve the situation in her own family and is now a master CRAFT practitioner with Allies in Recovery. Laurie’s expertise includes teaching communication and interpersonal strategy.  

Video of Kayla Solomon Describing CRAFT

Kayla Solomon is a Master’s-Level clinician who has been working with families with addiction for over 20 years. Kayla is skilled in CRAFT and expert in people with addictions.

Video of Dominique Introducing the Website

Dominique Simon-Levine started Allies in Recovery in 2003. She has been featured on HBO and NPR and trains facilitators and professionals in our CRAFT program. Dominique is the go-to person for figuring out options and strategies with families, and for addressing crises and recovery opportunities.

Not only is your loved one more likely to get into recovery with CRAFT than with any other approach, but research shows that they are also more likely to STAY in recovery when you use the CRAFT approach.

"Expert Mom" and former math teacher, Laurie MacDougall, went through the CRAFT training to improve the situation in her own family. Now, she is a master CRAFT trainer and practitioner.

Feel Better

“The resources available are very helpful including the Wednesday night group. I have learned a lot about this disease thanks to this organization.”

  • – Jdaggett, Allies in Recovery Member

“Things started to turn around when I found Allies.”

  • – A Mom, Speaking at an Allies in Recovery Training

“(the support groups)…are really supportive and Kayla has established easy interactions, even with varying attendance. Her emphasis on self-care and staying connected to a loved one is reinforced each week and covers both practical and emotional details.”

  • – MostlySunny228, Allies in Recovery Member

Our Exclusive “Pose a Question” Blog

Our website users love this interactive feature!


  • Pose a question about your situation and a member of our Allies Team will reply with CRAFT-informed answers
  • Read others’ questions and our answers for more insights into how to apply CRAFT
  • Interact with other website users in the comments section of the blog
  • This is a rich opportunity for learning and sharing about the challenges you face with your loved one’s addiction

Learn CRAFT – Where YOU become trained in how to tackle your loved one’s addiction – and take our 10-day Challenge.

Sign up with Allies! Watch half the videos (60 minutes) and do the accompanying exercises within 10 days. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with a FREE PASS to Laurie’s popular One-Day CRAFT Workshop for family members – a $250 value!

Hurry and claim YOUR complimentary seat today!


GET YOUR LIFE BACK and operate from your best self!

Sign-up today and let the Allies in Recovery team help support you going forward!

“Allies has been very helpful to me over the past several years. The modules, exercises, and personal advice have helped me navigate a difficult situation and improved relationships with family members so much. I really appreciate the site and recommend it whenever I find someone else in a similar situation.”

– Mizkitty, Allies in Recovery Member

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Join thousands who are learning how to help guide their loved one with addiction into recovery.

Become Trained and Help Others

The Turnkey Family Program and a Quick Walk Through the Site

One-Day CRAFT Workshop for Family Members (Various Dates – Premium: $250)

4-Day Intensive CRAFT Training Course

Turnkey Family Program Using CRAFT and the Allies in Recovery Online Program: Including the 4-Day Intensive CRAFT Training, Ongoing Supervision, and Our Continued Engagement Tailored to Support Your Success.

“I am also a family support specialist with Plymouth County Outreach. (I have) always sort of felt like there was something missing.…I still felt like some families needed more. THIS is it!!! 😀 I am actually blown away that I had not heard of Allies before.”  – Lisa R., Trainee, Aug. 2022

20-Hour Training
Wed & Thur, October 26 and 27, 2022
Wed & Thur, November 2 and 3, 2022
From 9 AM to 3 PM (ET) via ZOOM

Training Includes:

  • Free Workbook
  • 6 Month Membership to Allies
  • Ongoing Supervision
  • Family Members & Allies Welcomes
  • NASW CEU’s Pending

“As a mother of a beautiful daughter that is in recovery and a son that is still working hard on his recovery, I THANK you for what you do, for the grace and sincerity in which you do it. You have a gift in making a safe space to ask have real conversations and ask difficult questions. I really couldn’t have added anything to have made it a better experience.”  – Trainee, 2022

The Allies in Recovery Blog

Is This Early Recovery Instability or Is He Headed for Relapse?

Is This Early Recovery Instability or Is He Headed for Relapse?

An member is concerned her son might relapse at home after responding well to treatment. Not seeing any efforts on his part to go back to a healthy routine, she is getting resentful. She even wonders if she should ask him to move out. Dominique Simon-Levine has some CRAFT-informed suggestions for her to try first.

He Says He’s Not Using, But My Gut Says He’s In Denial

He Says He’s Not Using, But My Gut Says He’s In Denial

This member is ready to commit to helping her brother (51) who struggles with a methamphetamine addiction. His use appears to be affecting his life more and more, including losing his job. In the past there’s been some momentum in the family to get help for him, but now there’s denial and resistance. The CRAFT approach tells her to trust her gut and will teach her some skills to help guide her brother to recovery and treatment.

I Want to Talk to my Son About His Substance Use, But I Don’t Know How

I Want to Talk to my Son About His Substance Use, But I Don’t Know How

An member asks us for guidance about when, and especially how, to raise the subject of her son’s substance use. Allies Director Dominique Simon-Levine reviews the key question to ask first—Is my Loved One using now?—and how using the CRAFT approach can help you answer it and take the next steps.

Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Thinking

Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Thinking

Your thoughts have power. Anxiety is a thought process. The tools you need are shifting negative thinking to positive, and emanating that positivity. Both are essential to CRAFT. Kayla and Laurie discuss how to handle negative thinking, and why it’s important to do so.

The Importance of Self-Care During Conflict

Times of crisis and conflict may seem like the worst times to practice self-care — yet in those moments, taking care of yourself is key to CRAFT. The more you learn to increase your awareness of yourself and your reaction, the more you can successfully use CRAFT tools. If what you want to happen in those times involves your loved one’s actions, it’s not likely to be successful. Changing your actions and reactions, however, alters the environment and is a catalyst for change.

Speaking Up: The Compassionate Way

How do you communicate when you see problematic behavior? The key is intention: observing behavior, and pointing it out calmly and thoughtfully. The idea is to briefly and specifically tell your loved one how the behavior impacts you, then step back without expectation of an outcome, and give them the dignity of processing what you’ve said. Over time, this CRAFT tool can lead to long-term change.

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