Become a member and we’ll teach you how to communicate, intervene, and guide your loved one toward recovery (and lower your stress level!)

Within minutes of joining, you’ll have a new lens through which to understand and move your family towards recovery.

$59 for 6 months

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What you’ll get with membership:

  • The science-based CRAFT skillset in 8 video training modules, grounded in a simple framework for understanding addiction and recovery.
  • Hundreds of examples of experts applying CRAFT to real-life (messy!) family situations in a members-only blog who’s content is shaped organically by real questions from members.
  • Our selections of the latest research and news about addiction and recovery specific to families.
  • Curated suggestions for treatment and behavioral health approaches for addiction – and how to find them.
  • A stress-reduction “sanctuary” – a place to reflect, write, and reach out to other members privately, ways to measure your progress, and a team behind you the whole way!
  • All GUARANTEED, or we refund your entire membership fee.

How the CRAFT method helps families

The Allies in Recovery program is based on the evidence-based CRAFT method. CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is the only proven methodology created specifically to train families of loved ones struggling with addiction. With CRAFT, you’ll learn how to communicate, intervene and guide your loved one towards recovery. You’ll get the skills needed to significantly lessen the power addiction has over your family.

Watch how Allies in Recovery works

What you can expect within 30 days of joining Allies in Recovery

More productive
exchanges with
your loved one

Reduction of stress,
depression and anger

Higher likelihood that
your loved one
will seek treatment

Improvement in your
overall well-being

 What members are saying


“Allies in Recovery is a god-send to me and I can’t thank you enough”


“I love going to the Allies site, it fills me up. A visit to the site always reminds me of the good side of humanity and our capacity to help each other…Whenever I need it, Allies is there, offering warmth, insight, and practical information I can use.”


“I find the AiR site invaluable. It’s easy to understand and to make a part of one’s life. It helps me support my loved one while focusing on the needs of the family.”


How Allies in Recovery works

Watch the training videos, build awareness about your situation with the related exercises, pose a question on or read comments on the members-only discussion blog to see what other families are going through. This interactive blog is our “secret sauce” which builds your skills, keeps you motivated, helps you get back to yourself, and gets you connected to professionals and families doing cutting edge work with CRAFT.

Allies in Recovery is the longest-running, most comprehensive program guiding families in the CRAFT method. Our trained Allies in Recovery experts have been working full-time, helping thousands of families since 2003. This is real life, with all its complexities, treatment limitations, and opportunities. The Allies in Recovery method is proven, and it is providing real hope to families who have loved ones struggling with addiction.



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