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CRAFT (Community Reinforcement And Family Training) is a science-based training for the family of people with addiction. Recognized by SAMHSA, the federal agency that oversees substance addiction.

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Hundreds of positive reviews

Nothing else that I’ve participated in or practiced has been anywhere near as impactful as the AlliesInRecovery curriculum via your podcast, modules, and workshop.

SMART Recovery Facilitator

The tools I’ve learned from your website are empowering and it works. I looked at many sites and investigated many groups, many I found to be based on emotion at best or on fear at worst.


Your kind words, detailed guidance with the website, and ongoing encouragement have been so refreshing.


In the twenty years of struggle and reprieve I’ve experienced I don’t remember ever feeling as supported as I do now.


I have become an unofficial ambassador for CRAFT and I’ve sent many your way. Things are going well now with my loved one – but you have NO IDEA how helpful you have been along the way.


Your response is very validating. I teared up a bit in gratitude. I think that my biggest struggle is with uncertainty about my thoughts and decisions… Allies’ helps so much with this!


I have to be vigilant and tiptoe around … unstable family members for my 54 years, and I am seeing that I don’t actually need to live like that moving forward. It is a huge change.


I offered to collaborate on an internal email article to share Allies in Recovery with my colleagues. I wish I had come across it sooner.


I’ve only known the Al-Anon and Codependency approach before. I’m finding it so helpful to see addiction and recovery in a new way. It is so liberating.


Allies in Recovery is a fantastic program and, for me, is more helpful than Al Anon.


The approach makes sense and has really helped me grow as a person. Using the techniques from the modules has helped me dramatically improve communication with my LO with SUD.


I am much better at setting boundaries and am slowly reclaiming my own life. I find the principles useful as a guide in all my relationships. My deepest, heartfelt thanks to the Allies’ team!!


The decades trying to control fix solve etc was exhausting and ineffective. [Allies’] resources are the best there is! I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this program. ❤️


I love this program! I think it should be available to everyone! Thank you for all that you do!


First and only program where I was supported, encouraged, and understood as the mother of an adult son with SUD. I am a different person now and so is my son.


I am simply thankful for this resource. Blessings!


Meet our team

Decades of experience applying CRAFT to a diversity of families and situations

Dominique Simon-Levine, MPH & Ph.D., studied CRAFT under Dr. Robert Meyers, and founded Allies in Recovery in 2003.  She oversees the daily operations of the organization and has been featured on HBO and NPR.

Laurie MacDougall completed both Allies and Dr. Robert Meyers’ CRAFT training to improve the situation in her own family and is now a group facilitator and trainer of Allies in Recovery’s online program.

Kayla Solomon, trained in CRAFT by Dr. Robert Meyers, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and has been serving families faced with addiction for over 20 years.

Allies in Recovery
is the best approach
93% of families surveyed found Allies In Recovery reduced their anxiety, worry, and anger
80% said Allies in Recovery was helpful in getting their loved one to accept care
67% found Allies in Recovery helpful in reducing their loved one’s use of drugs and alcohol

Successful treatment engagement

Al-Anon vs Johnson Intervention vs CRAFT

Step out of isolation into a constructive, compassionate and learning community

Become trained and empowered to influence your loved one’s recovery journey

Remember: when you are doing better – you’re better able to help your loved one

Allies in Recovery for Family

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