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AiR ends substance abuse in families by providing a way for the family to change the conversation about addiction. We use CRAFT, a proven approach that helps the family unblock and advance the relationship towards sobriety and recovery and to engage a loved one into treatment. AiR creates an informed family that can interact strategically and make educated choices to end substance abuse. Individuals with an addiction problem deserve a living environment where substance abuse is understood and recovery is fostered. Families deserve the education, tools, and support necessary to help create that environment. AiR is life changing, transformative, and fills a huge gap. It saves families tremendous heartache.

Dominique Simon-Levine, PhD
Dominique Simon-Levine, PhDAiR Founder & CEO
Dominique launched AiR in 2003. Her work has been featured on HBO and NPR. She is a facilitator and a trained speaker on issues of addiction and the family. She has worked extensively developing and evaluating federally-funded substance abuse programs for organizations and clinics throughout Massachusetts and New York. With an interest in recovery and substance abuse that spans 20 years, she sees a huge need to help families develop the skills to help a loved one recover fully in a supportive, whole, and lasting way in their families and in their communities. Her mission is to have AiR fill that gap.
Isabel Cooney
Isabel CooneyManaging Editor
Isabel joined AiR in 2014, and is thrilled every day to be part of the team and the project. Cooney combines her skills honed as an Executive Assistant with her passions for writing, well-being, mindfulness and human communication in her work for AiR. She resides in France with her two daughters and one fox terrier.
Dr. David Scherer, PhD
Dr. David Scherer, PhDConsultant
David is a clinical psychologist whose work with troubled adolescents has contributed to the knowledge on best practices for treating adolescents with psychological problems. Dr. Scherer is widely published. He has been actively involved in CRAFT clinical trials and in providing therapeutic interventions for and training psychotherapists to work with children, adolescents, and families. He is a Professor in the Psychology Department in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Michelle Aldredge
Michelle AldredgeContent Specialist
Michelle is a writer, photographer, consultant, and the founding editor of Gwarlingo, a popular online arts and culture website. In addition to producing web and video content for AiR, Michelle provides AiR members with creative inspiration through the Sanctuary, a unique section of the AiR member site that features music, video, photography, writing, and other restorative posts.
Madeline Rey
Madeline ReyDirector of Social Media
Madeline joined AiR in June 2016 and is very excited to be part of this project. She has a degree in Development Studies and worked for 12 years in international organizations and the non-profit sector, while following her spouse on his diplomatic postings. She currently resides in the Netherlands with her husband and four children.
Jefferson Hills
Jefferson HillsDirector of Development
Jefferson has been with AiR since October 2016. His management career has been in the fitness and health care fields. Most recently he was Executive Director of ResCare Southern California, where he managed home care services for the frail elderly, developmentally disabled and wounded warriors. He is also involved with the California Coalition for Compassionate Care, promoting patient’s rights at end of life. He resides in Palm Springs, California.
Jeanine Bedard, MSW, LCSW
Jeanine Bedard, MSW, LCSWConsultant
Jeanine is AiR’s Treatment Resource Specialist. She developed AiR’s methodology for identifying substance abuse treatment and matching it to the needs of a family’s loved one. Bedard has studied treatment systems throughout the United States and abroad, and has worked extensively with families to help them understand treatment systems and to facilitate program admissions.
Ava Gips
Ava GipsContent Specialist
Ava has a degree in Transpersonal Psychology, which is an integration of Eastern philosophy with Western psychology. She is a tutor, counselor, and personal coach, with an abiding interest in how stress and trauma stop us from thinking clearly and acting effectively and compassionately.
Amy Grossman, MBA
Amy Grossman, MBADevelopment Consultant
Amy provides AiR with strategic planning and implementation guidance. She has extensive leadership experience in for-profit and non-profit organizations focused on social entrepreneurship. She launched and led the school of continuing studies at Brandeis and went on to co-found an online learning company. Prior to that, she was associate professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at Pine Manor College Boston.