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Podcast #80 — Low-Hanging Fruit: As the Family, What Actions Can You Take Today?


(35 min) The family of a Loved One using substances often receives discouraging messages like "there's nothing you can do to change things" or "just wait until they hit rock bottom."

The CRAFT method flies in the face of those cultural beliefs. At Allies in Recovery, we give families a framework, a toolkit, a system to put in place. Results don't appear overnight, though as our founder, Dominique Simon-Levine, often says, "CRAFT is the fastest way through. Even if you feel things need an urgent response." 

This episode focuses on "Low-Hanging Fruit," meaning: Give yourself some easy-to-accomplish, satisfying tasks that you can do today, to help move the situation forward with your Loved One. 

You absolutely can help to move things forward. There absolutely are action items that you can do TODAY. And you absolutely can influence your Loved One in the direction of treatment and recovery. Science has shown this to be true. Listen in!



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