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Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

A gentle and compassionate round of yoga with Adriene Mishler, focused on the health, relaxation, and well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Adriene Mishler’s “Find What Feels Good” practice is one of the most popular yoga series on the internet. Unlike some “extreme yoga” celebrities, she won’t push you to attempt ever-greater feats of superhuman flexibility—the yoga equivalent of “iron man” competitions—which can lead to injury or disappointment.

Adriene’s goal is quite the opposite. This is a fundamentally gentle practice, designed to alleviate some of the emotional and psychological burden so many of us carry through our days.

The best endorsements possible for Adriene’s work are to be found in the grateful comments—more than you’ll have time to read—from people suffering anxiety, depression, panic attacks, even thoughts of suicide. Many tell of crying with relief as they moved through these poses.

Of course, as Adriene herself says, neither yoga nor anything else is a cure-all. But with caution, compassion for yourself, and an open mind, there’s much to be gained.


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