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Top Secret Drum Corps: The Pursuit of Perfection, and Fun

Photo credit: Pinterest

They’re not a secret, and despite their 18th-century style uniforms, they’re not part of any military. But the discipline and focus of these 25 young men from Switzerland could put many an army marching band to shame.

The performance art of Top Secret Drum Corps has to be seen to be believed. They don’t just drum. They duel, they set off firecrackers embedded in the poles of their whirling Swiss flags, they play one another’s drums and their own simultaneously. Above all, they move with the syncopation of Beyoncé backup dancers. Sometimes backwards, sometimes in the dark with glowing uniforms and drumsticks. It’s a show born of unimaginable hours of hard work—and it’s all done part-time by young men with other jobs.

This 2022 performance is their sixth on the esplinade of Edinburgh Castle. As you’ll see, the Scots welcome the Top Secret troop back like old friends. We’re sharing this with you first and foremost to put a smile on your face, but it’s also a (slightly extreme?) example of just how much fun life can be when we connect with others and step out to take up a thrilling challenge. Enjoy.


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