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The Meaning of Recovery: Five People Share Their Stories

“Recovery means freedom. It means possibility. It means hope.” The testimony of people who have lived with SUD — or still live with it — can be incredibly moving. It can also be surprising in its variety. Each of these five interviewees has had to define and achieve recovery for themselves. Their stories will surprise you.

In the summer of 2022, Kerry Breen of The Today Show interviewed five individuals all on their own recovery pathway from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Some have embraced harm reduction while others have found abstinence to be their preferred pathway. MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) has allowed for some to make incredible changes in their lives while others found success within the structure of an inpatient program. Some share recovery with their Loved One’s and others have gone on to help their peers discover their very own pathways to recovery.

No matter what recovery pathway one chooses, it is undoubtedly a challenge. Thus, the strength, perseverance, resourcefulness, and determination demonstrated throughout their collective lived experience is perhaps why these snapshots into their recovery journeys is such an uplifting read . . .

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