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You Matter (and so do your acts, big and small)

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Allies in Recovery collaborator Annie Highwater (see her blog posts here) filmed a short explanation of something she does — which might seem very small — that can have astonishing results. Below is an email she wrote to Allies in Recovery explaining the idea.


Sooooo I started a little hand-written project about 3-4 months ago with phone numbers on index cards that I leave with panhandlers, or on and around backpacks I see stashed in various areas through the city—which I discovered are homeless camps full of young adults.

The idea came when I was jogging past a car wash and discovered kids were sleeping inside one of the bays. So I took a tip from the CRAFT method! Also  I recently emailed you about a mom whose son was sleeping at a gas station and she sent a card to him and he checked into treatment the next morning. More than a few since then have messaged me that it was the simple yet powerful tool they used to get a son or daughter into treatment.
So I made a short video about it and I’m getting so much feedback! Note – I had a virus the day we filmed this but we were in the area, so I threw on sunglasses and recorded. I wasn’t going for a cool look!

Anyway I am hoping to encourage some simple efforts in my area and get people involved to make a difference.  I’m getting a bunch of messages from people wanting to make these cards themselves! 

CRAFT works! ❤



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