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winter frost: a meditation on self-care

SANCTUARY winter frost rectangle

In this meditative video, frigid temperatures bring snow and frost. Sun breaks through the intricate frost patterns covering the windows of a New Hampshire cabin. Chickadees fly from branch to branch in the tree outside. (Listen closely and you will hear their chirp.)

Before starting the video, be sure you are sitting comfortably. Rest your hands in your lap. Relax your neck, your shoulders, and back. Take a long, deep inhalation. Now breathe out. As you watch, let your mind settle. Focus on the sounds you hear. Take long, slow breaths and relax.

When the video is finished, close your eyes and sit quietly. Focus your attention on your breathing. Listen to the sounds around you.

Record any observations in your private journal. Consider the following questions…

How does your body feel right now? Tight? Loose? Anxious? If you sense stress, where do you feel it most? Don’t judge yourself. Simply observe what you are feeling.

Have you made enough time for self-care recently? What are your favorite ways to relax? What activities are most pleasurable for you? It might be reading. Going for a walk. Having tea with a friend. Gardening or spending time with your pet.

Can you schedule time for relaxation soon? Commit to doing one positive activity for yourself this week. Write it in your journal and follow through.



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