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Sometimes Raw is Better

SANCTUARY - Irish boys

These two boys from Ireland have fire in their bellies. I love the way they give themselves so completely to the song. I love how they set up in front of the recycling bins – it's clearly what they have to give that matters, not some glossy image they're trying to project.

Aside from getting shivers from the pleasure of witnessing this raw collaboration, I am inspired by these boys: We all have "things" inside that are asking to be expressed. Whether it's music, art, words, movement, cooking, inventing, or any of the infinite forms that human creativity can take, self-expression is vital. If we allow it to happen, if we accept the risks or vulnerability or unknowns, we simply feel more alive. We're more connected to ourself, and to the rest of the world. 

Conversely, if we dampen or muffle that voice that's asking to be heard, if we disregard or constantly put off the essential act of opening up and letting out rays of our unique light, then we are slowly extinguishing our vital energy and cutting ourselves off from what feeds our souls. 

Enjoy these two young musicians and see if they inspire you to listen a little more closely to yourself. There are indeed many things in our existence that we can not control. But opening your mouth when you need to sing, getting up and dancing when you need to be carried by rhythm, putting pen to paper when the thoughts are swirling … these are things you CAN do. If you don't have a pen handy, or if you want to be sure what you write is 100% private, you can always use your AiR Private Journal.


One final note – we can't all be on youtube. But we CAN all give ourselves daily opportunities to feel alive. Express what you're feeling, and forget about who's watching! Sometimes raw is better.



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