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A Holiday Surprise

Sanctuary 2015-12-14 Flash Mob

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you have a Loved One struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

Are you finding time for self-care this December? In the days leading up to the New Year, try to carve out a few minutes of quiet time for yourself each day. You can use the time to pursue a hobby, read, go for a walk, meditate, write in your journal, or do something that will lift your spirits. Here is an inspiring holiday video to get you started…

It is just another day at a local shopping mall until some unsuspecting shoppers get a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Happy holidays from everyone at Allies in Recovery!


Journal Exercise

How well are you taking care of yourself right now? Commit to taking a few minutes of quiet time for yourself each day leading up to the New Year. What will you do with your free time?  Record your answers in your journal.





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