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The Elvis-Loving Cockatoo



Some days my social media feed feels like a deluge of depressing news and outraged venting occasionally interrupted by some ads and cute baby photos.

But every now and then, there is a gem lurking in the social media mudslide.

So it was this morning when I opened my Twitter account and found this hysterical video of a dancing cockatoo. Not only is the dancing bird hilarious, but his feathered friend’s unimpressed, talk-to-the-hand response is priceless. I laughed so hard, I immediately watched it again and texted it to two friends.

(Because who doesn’t want to start their day with an Elvis-loving cockatoo?)

I believe we could all use more laughter in our lives. While the physical effect of laughter on our bodies is similar to exercise—raising our pulse and blood pressure, stretching muscles, and accelerating the breath—laughter is also a simple reminder that joy always exists, even in the toughest of times. It is easy to get locked into negative thinking and forget that beauty and humor are our constant companions, if only we take the time to notice.

I hope this video brings some joy to your day, as it did to mine.



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