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Christmas in New Orleans


So it was last night during a chilly stroll through the Garden District, home to some of New Orleans’ most opulent, antebellum mansions. The neighborhood is positively romantic with its gas lights, luscious gardens, fountains, iron gates, and twinkling Christmas lights. 

I enjoy exploring the herringbone brick sidewalks late when the streets are quieter. As you can see from the video, the neighborhood is peaceful except for an occasional passing car, distant siren, or hum of the nearby streetcar. 

Take a moment to relax, watch, and listen. Notice the lights going off inside one house and the cat (with his bell) coming to greet me (around 3:24). You can hear his meow and the train whistle. You’ll also hear the wind, the sound of a garden fountain, and the chime of carols ringing out from one house. If you look closely you will see the Christmas lights peeking through the shutters, the live oaks stretching overhead, two distinctive styles of columns holding up the front porch on one house, and a lush citrus tree bearing fruit.

No matter where you find yourself this holiday season, remember that you are not alone. Allies in Recovery and its online community is here to support you. From all of us at AiR, we hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday. May 2017 bring you peace, hope, and renewal.



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