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A Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone…and At Your House?

wolf howling

Over 40 million people have watched this video. It beautifully demonstrates how introducing a small wolf population into Yellowstone National Park managed to create cascading change, not just in the populations of various animal species but actually in the vegetation, and even the river trajectories!

We invite you to take this story as a poignant example of how making one small change can produce profound, wide-spread and lasting change. Organically, and systemically.

We know that learning and applying CRAFT is not an easy undertaking. But we want you to keep in mind that CRAFT, and the Allies program, is an ensemble of small changes you can make. Even just changing one thing about your communications with your Loved One, or your way of thinking, is going to spur the situation forward. Progress is within your reach!




In your comments, please show respect for each other and do not give advice. Please consider that your choice of words has the power to reduce stigma and change opinions (ie, "person struggling with substance use" vs. "addict", "use" vs. "abuse"...)