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Podcast #81 — When Crisis Mode Becomes Chronic, and How to Shift This


(29 min)   Kayla and Laurie dive into the issue 'When crisis mode becomes chronic.' They look into WHY you don't want that, including the neuro-science behind it (cortisol levels).  "Fight or flight is an unsustainable state," Kayla points out. If it has become your new normal, know that you're not doing yourself, or your Loved One, any favors.

Poking fun at her own tendency to want to "fix" situations and wield her baseball bat, Kayla reminds us that (unless it's actually our job), we are NOT first responders.  Laurie describes the days when she was desperately calling her son's drug dealers or lurking in their neighborhoods, when he'd gone missing.

Learn why Laurie and Kayla are both huge fans of "the pause." And why it's sometimes important to embrace the "I don't know." 

When our thoughts and feelings are out of control, we often respond by trying to try to fix or control the situation with our Loved One, but that is often simply not possible. However, it IS possible to override the out-of-control feelings, to learn the skills to calm ourselves down.

Our hosts help you understand how to identify and differentiate "crisis" and "chronic" and what to do once you've determined what you're facing in a given moment.



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