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Podcast #79 — When Things Get Nasty, What Cards Trump the Blame Card?


When your Loved One plays the "Blame" card or shames you or guilts you, what are your options?

This topic actually has many more layers than you may think. And yes, there are some concrete and powerful things you can do to deflect the blame or guilt they're trying to send your way.

Our hosts explain why the "Blame Game" is actually a very smart and adaptive technique that our Loved Ones with Substance Use use to self-soothe.  

Kayla gives us some of the strongest cards to use when they pull out their well-worn Blame card. 

Laurie shares her tips for empowering both yourself, and your Loved One, in these sticky, tricky conversations (both face-to-face and over the phone). 

You may want to listen twice!



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