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Podcast #78 — Is “Addiction” a Bad Word? Removing Stigma from Our Language


Why all the hubbub about stigmatizing language when it comes to Substance Use?  Is "addiction" a bad word? 

Laurie MacDougall is author of the article "The Power of Language," on the Allies in Recovery blog, which explores how removing stigma from the language we use (ie, Substance Use vs. Substance Abuse) can have dramatic effects on the care and treatment people receive.

Laurie explains her position (and how she came to it) to her colleagues & co-hosts Kayla and Dominique, who at first admit they'd rather stick to their established ways of referring to Addiction / Substance Use Disorder / Opiate Use Disorder / Alcohol Use Disorder, etc.

Will Laurie win them over?



In your comments, please show respect for each other and do not give advice. Please consider that your choice of words has the power to reduce stigma and change opinions (ie, "person struggling with substance use" vs. "addict", "use" vs. "abuse"...)