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Podcast #72 — You Are Not Your Story: How to move out of drama and into consciousness


(33 min) "How do I calm my system down enough so that I'm not eating and drinking battery acid every day?" or in other words, "How can I go from a reflexive, automatic, unconscious reaction to actually being able to have choice over my reactions?"

If you live with someone dealing with SUD, you may be exhausted, and have so much worry and stress that you don't know where to begin. But as Kayla says, "When you're in catastrophic mode, you're actually at your least effective."

And since this whole website (and the CRAFT method) are based on YOU being the agent of change, we want you to be at your most effective!

Addressing you thoughts, and understanding how they work, has the power to change how you experience your life.  Many of us see the events of our lives through the filter of a story we've come to tell ourselves. 

The first thought we have, we can't control: it may be fear-based, trauma-based or ego-driven. The second thought happens in response to the first thought. It is absolutely possible to make space to look at the second thought, and gradually modify how we're reacting through our thoughts.

In this episode we plunge into what's really happening when we have thoughts and reactions. Listen in and gain the ability to change your story from drama to consciousness.



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