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Podcast #63 — Heartland High: Ohio’s First Recovery School

Heartland High Crown

Restoring relationships, working towards long-term recovery, learning skills, trusting themselves and their abilities… this is all part of Heartland High's curriculum and key to sending teens into adulthood THRIVING!

(54:15) Columbus, Ohio. Annie Highwater meets with some of Heartland High's key staff members, making for an uplifting and heartfelt Coming Up for Air episode! 

In today's episode, School Director Dr. Paige Stewart and Student Engagement Coordinator Jennifer Belemu describe Heartland High's ground-breaking approach based on individualized learning, kindness and compassion. Listen in to learn more about how Heartland students in recovery manage to rekindle hope as well as regain self-confidence and dignity.

Annie Highwater is a Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host and Family Advocate. She has a particular interest in family pathology and concepts of dysfunction, addiction, alcoholism and conflict. Annie published her memoir, Unhooked: A Mother’s Story of Unhitching from the Roller Coaster of Her Son’s Addiction, in 2016. Her story sheds light on the personal challenges facing the affected parents and family members and illustrates how family dynamics both help and hinder the recovery process. Annie’s second book, Unbroken, Navigating the Madness of Family Dysfunction, Addiction, Alcoholism and Heartache was published in August of 2018. She resides in Columbus, Ohio and enjoys writing, long distance running, hiking, the great outdoors and visiting her son in California as often as possible.



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