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Podcast #49—FAMILY SECRETS: Why Do We Keep Them?

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(30m09) Every family has secrets, but when secrets keep us stuck, in pain or operating out of a system of dysfunction, why do we keep them? When it comes to addiction, betrayal, mistreatment…why do those who are affected have a harder time talking about it than those in the grip of the behavior? Family—wives, partners, mothers, fathers, siblings etc.—tend to have a more difficult time being open about what is going on in the family than those afflicted, even though protecting the secret seems to be the barrier between healing and relief. 

Laurie and Annie deep dive into this subject. Laurie gives an example from her own childhood, of having tried to report unsettling behavior to a relative; rather than accepting and handling wrongful behavior, her aunt chose go silent, invalidating the truth of the story in order to avoid "rocking the boat" within the family. This pathology affects us all at some point. Listen in to this week's episode to hear some great thoughts to consider for living a shame-less, secret-free existence!



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