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Podcast #31—Interview with Richard Jones of Recovery Cartel & FAVOR Greenville

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Podcast #31 Interview with Richard Jones of Recovery Cartel & FAVOR Greenville

This week Laurie and Annie welcome Richard Jones: counselor, therapist, coach and founder of Recovery Cartel to Coming up for Air. Richard also represents FAVOR Greenville (, which was just recently named one of the 4 "model programs" for recovery nationwide by SAMHSA. Richard is in long-term recovery himself and has an experienced, compassionate and innovative approach to helping guide families who are affected by an addicted Loved One. He throws terms like "tough love" and "enabling" out the window and sets family members at ease—particularly distressed parents—to get involved, talking, and on the same page when it comes to helping the one they are so worried about find their way out of the depths of addiction. Tune in to this week's episode to learn his take on this compassionate, whole-family style of therapy, coaching and treatment!



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