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Podcast #19—Interview with Writer & Activist Alicia Cook

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Podcast #19 — Interview with Writer & Activist Alicia Cook

This week's episode of Coming up for Air may have had some technical difficulty, but Laurie and Annie powered through it to welcome their guest The Alicia Cook! Alicia Cook is an established writer and award-winning activist from New Jersey. Her work has appeared on the Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, Teen Vogue, and many more. She gained international attention with the publication of her essay "The Other Side of Addiction," which explores how the family is affected by addiction. Cook is extremely active in her efforts to combat the heroin epidemic, including writing, podcast appearances, and speaking to students and their parents. PBS Executive Producer, Steve Rogers, created an episode of his Emmy-nominated documentary series, “Here’s the Story” around Cook and her efforts entitled “A Family Disease.” The episode was dedicated to Cook’s cousin, Jessica, who passed away from a drug overdose in 2006. The episode was officially selected in the New Jersey Recovery Film Festival in 2017.



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