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Ep. 50 – Let Me Bring You Some Soup (or Not!!)…Recognizing Signs & Symptoms and Acting Accordingly

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(44min37)  Dominique Simon-Levine joins our hosts to provide a broader picture of what it looks and feels like when a Loved One is using, or withdrawing. Gathering information and facts about your Loved One’s susbtance use is one of the first steps that will allow you to apply the CRAFT method successfully. When you recognize signs of withdrawal/hangover, do you bring them soup? Help them to bed? Dominique Simon-Levine reminds us about the connections between moments of use, moments of withdrawal, and what CRAFT tells the family to do. Annie also shares several real-life examples from families who have contacted her, wondering if what they were seeing were signs of use/relapse. Listen in for an information-filled, no-nonsense episode of Coming Up for Air!



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