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Dual Diagnosis: When It Seems Like It Will Never End

Dual Diagnosis
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This mom exposes 7 "issues" that parents of dual-diagnosis "children" are often facing.

There’s no putting aside the pain, exhaustion, and disappointments that go on, sometimes for years – even decades – when loved ones struggle with dual diagnoses.

Here are just some of the issues others and I have faced, along with some ways of managing and coping: 

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    1. Being in a relationship with someone who struggles with addiction AND has borderline personality disorder (BPD) is exceptionally challenging. People with addiction are happy to push responsibility for themselves onto you. With BPD, they do this with even more gusto. It’s very hard to navigate and very troubling for those who love them.

      We are not experts on BPD. I did just hear an excellent talk about BPD by a psychologist who works in jails. Folks with BPD are the very difficult in that setting as well….. Read Dominique Simon-Levine’s full response to speranza here: