10-Day Challenge: complete half the modules in any order, and earn a free seat at our 1-Day Training with Laurie MacDougall.

Complete half the modules and claim your free seat to the 1-Day Training with Laurie MacDougall, CRAFT Trainer.
Existing members, contact us to let us know you have already competed half the modules, and claim your reward of the 1-Day Training.

We have full confidence that the CRAFT method will bring positive change to your situation.

But we know that learning online has its challenges. That is why we are committed to supporting you with a human touch.

In addition to the personalized guidance available at all times through the Discussion Blog, check out our live support options.


Join our CRAFT skills, education/training, and support groups for families (online)

All times Eastern time. All “Groups” are free to members.
“Trainings” are fee-based or require a PROMO code** for a free ticket.

We prefer that you familiarize yourself with our learning modules before attending

Laurie MacDougall, CRAFT trainer, Mom, former H.S. math teacher, and creator of facilitated REST groups (fully manualized), which use the Allies curriculum.

Kayla Solomon, LICSW, is trained in CRAFT and is one of the most experienced psychotherapists in the region of Western Massachusetts, where Allies originates.

*If you haven’t used zoom before, you will be prompted to download a bit of software. This usually goes very quickly.  For more info, or to request a reminder email every week: support@alliesinrecovery.net.


CRAFT SKILLS GROUP (topics rotate) (online)
(Laurie MacDougall, Trainer)
Monday 12PM Click here for ZOOM
Thursday 12PM Click here for ZOOM

  • ABC’s – Recognizing the patterns of addiction
  • Using or Not Using – Determining which and responding in the moment
  • Reflective Listening – Most powerful skill!
  • Five Components of Communication – Let’s dig in!
  • Rewarding and Removing Rewards – Making a difficult task manageable
  • Boundaries – Setting healthy, workable boundaries
  • Self-care and Helping your LO – All at the same time
  • Help with Treatment – Planning and implementing the treatment request

(Laurie MacDougall, Facilitator)
Monday 7PM Click here for ZOOM
Tuesday 6:30PM Click here for ZOOM
Wednesday 6PM Click here for ZOOM

The goal of these groups is to empower families through education and skill training using the learning modules, in a caring, compassionate, and supportive environment. These are learning groups. Come prepared for a structured, interactive walk through the Allies learning modules and understand how to apply CRAFT to your situation.


Laurie MacDougall and son

(Kayla Solomon, LICSW)
Wednesdays, 6:30PM Click here for ZOOM

This popular group provides family members with live, CRAFT-informed support, with an emphasis on self-care. Kayla has been involved with Allies for more than 15 years.


Kayla Solomon, LICSW — Psychotherapist, Self-Care Support Group Leader

1-DAY CRAFT TRAINING (online) (Members: See our 10-day Challenge** for FREE ticket!)
(Laurie MacDougall, CRAFT Trainer)
selected Saturdays 9AM – 2PM Click here for information/registration
selected Saturdays 12PM – 5PM Click here for information/registration

Becoming an Ally: This 1-day, 5-hour workshop is focused on the basics of CRAFT. This is a dynamic event that takes you through common scenarios and shows how to apply CRAFT. You’ll also learn how to use the Allies in Recovery broader approach and resources for guiding your LO to recovery. 

** Earn free attendance to this training by taking our 10-Day Challenge. Complete half the modules and be rewarded with free attendance. ATTN: If you’ve completed half the modules at any point in time, contact us here to claim your free attendance to the training. If you’re unsure, ask us to check for you. 


(Laurie MacDougall and Dominique Simon-Levine, Trainers)
Click here for information/registration

This 20-hour workshop over 4 days is geared to professionals, paraprofessionals (peer coaches who work with families, and those wanting to facilitate educational groups) and to family members. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of how to use CRAFT. 

Diversify your toolbox with CRAFT skills and a workbook: Participants will become better prepared to work either informally with their own family member, or more formally in facilitating CRAFT-based educational meetings or supporting families one-on-one. Those wishing to pursue the creation of a manualized educational/support group for families will have a solid base to begin. Workbook included. 


OFFICE HOURS – Laurie MacDougall (online)
(Laurie MacDougall, CRAFT Trainer) Click here to schedule

Choose your ½ hour online visit with Allies’ Laurie MacDougall. Currently offering times on most Tuesdays.

Hear from our members…

“(the weekly support calls)… are really supportive and she has established easy interactions, even with some varying attendance. Kayla’s emphasis on selfcare and staying connected to a loved one is reinforced each call and covers both practical and emotional details.”

— MostlySunny228, Allies in Recovery Member

Thank you!! I was telling my husband yesterday that there are still people in the world that care. Thank you for your time.”

— Monica, Allies in Recovery Member

“Laurie is a tremendous guiding light for both me and my husband as we continue on this journey with our son… She is helping us navigate the CRAFT methodology. We are eternally gratetful for Laurie and Allies in Recovery .”

— jeanne, Allies in Recovery Member

The resources available are very helpful including the Wednesday night group.  I have learned a lot about this disease thanks to this organization.

— jdaggett, member, Allies in Recovery Member

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