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InnovatorMD Global Summit 2023: Dominique Simon-Levine Profiles CRAFT and the Work of Allies In Recovery

Its online platform launched just eight years ago, but the impact Allies in Recovery has made in that time is extraordinary. In mid January, Allies’s Founder and CEO Dominique Simon-Levine gave the attendees at the 2023 InnovatorMD Global Summit a concise, powerful introduction to CRAFT and AiR. In words and numbers, she reveals just why the Allies approach is so effective.

“I believe we have built a system of care and support for the families of people struggling with addiction, and I believe we may have a new solution to a very very big problem.” — Dominique Simon-Levine 

It’s been a remarkable eight years. Since the 2015 launch of its online platform for CRAFT teaching and training, Allies in Recovery has worked with over 2300 families (and made initial contact with another 2500 More importantly, the outcomes for the families who have worked with Allies have been overwhelmingly positive: two thirds have seen their Loved One enter treatment, and those Loved Ones have remained in treatment six times longer on average.

To be sure, these are metrics to be proud of (and there’s a lot more of them in the presentation). But behind each statistic is a family working hard to support a daughter, a son, a spouse, or another Loved One on their always-challenging journey toward recovery. Allies has always been about providing those family members with the best tools for such efforts, and teaching their effective use.

Those tools are known collectively as CRAFT — the only family program recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as an evidence-based approach. CRAFT is based in behavioral motivation, psychology, and solid, real-world evidence provided by the families themselves. Quite simply, it works. In this short but powerful presentation, Dominique shows just how much help Allies is providing families today. It’s a great introduction to what we do.


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