Tired of fighting and worrying about your loved one’s addiction problems?

Allies in Recovery can show you a better way. We are an online learning platform for families whose loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol. We provide community, personalized guidance, and a scientifically-proven program to give you the skill set you’ll need to help your loved one.

✓ Reduce pain, anger, & worry

✓ Gain skills proven to work

✓ Reduce substance use

✓ Get your loved one into treatment

✓ Improve your well-being

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An eight-step video course to help you and your loved one
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Video Modules

Easy-to-digest eLearning program
based on the CRAFT method.

Learn to motivate your loved one to take action and gain techniques for responding mindfully to your loved one’s substance use



Questions answered

One of the most used & appreciated features
of our Member site!

Our in-house experts respond to members’ concerns, helping them gain insight and apply CRAFT to their specific situation



Individual Consults

Talk privately with a knowledgeable and compassionate coach

Jump-start your Allies in Recovery experience with one-on-one guidance

Consultation is free of charge. Follow-up calls available to members for free.

Treatment Guidance

Treatment can be confusing.
Our input can guide the decision process.

Use our protocol to search for the right
provider for your loved one

Learn how CRAFT helps you get your loved one into treatment in THIS POST


Reduce isolation and find support
through our online community of
families and professionals

Connect with other members via the Discussion Blog or through confidential messaging



Over 50 episodes available ad-free to members!
Listen to interviews with experts, people in recovery, families…and learn coping techniques

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Member Blogs

Post your thoughts and questions to a caring, informed community

Your experiences can help other family members and let them know they are not alone

“This site saved my (emotional) life.” —Member

eLearning Exercises

Look at yourself and your loved one in more constructive ways—
Turn your daily observations into gold

Workbooks help you gain perspective and interact more productively with your loved one


You’re not alone. Allies in Recovery is here to help.

“I want to say THANK YOU for your thoughtful comment to
my concern. You really understand what I am going through.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“On the good side, use seems to be way, way down since Feb 1st.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“All in all I feel she is moving forward and what I have learned and put into play from AIR is working great for us.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“This site is an incredible resource, so well organized and so well thought out.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“Thank you for the courage to take a stance on this sensitive subject and to open the door for discussion!”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I appreciated the variety of support and information {you} offered . . . Allies in Recovery is a valuable resource that could support many loved ones of addicts.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I’m very happy to find this site, this approach . . . I feel like I’m finally connected to people and information that can help me help my daughter.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“Allies in Recovery gave me a framework for staying calm, focused and keeping my eyes on the prize—my daughter’s long term sobriety. It worked without coercion, blame or alienation. In fact, the more I accepted the positive in her, the better I felt about myself.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I’m not sure if you understand how valuable your recommendations are to me. During crises like this I truly appreciate your input.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I am so grateful for all your guidance and support! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I am so grateful to have found Allies in Recovery as a source of support and education so I can better understand my daughter’s addiction and recovery.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I thank Dominique so much for the support she has given.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“By following the CRAFT modules and blogs on this site, along with help from Dominique and her team I am happy to say that my family is flourishing.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I am enjoying learning about the CRAFT method and finding it really valuable…..Keep up the great work, and thank you.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“You provide such a wonderful resource for the community.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“These methods of interacting with my son have worked phenomenally. I can’t thank you enough for creating this site. I will tell every person I know about it.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I found Allies through YouTube, and I feel like I just won the lottery. It is by far the best information I have found to help effectively interact with my son.  I have had awesome results from using this new way of communicating.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I hope the CRAFT method is the wave of the future for families like ours. It is the first thing that I have found that I feel completely comfortable with, and it has been so effective.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I find it really helpful how your posts capture the frustration and difficulty of situations while offering perspective, techniques and practicalities. It’s amazing how you do that!  Thank you for all your offerings and the site’s varied resources.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“If it was not for Allies in Recovery we would still be in limbo and useless in helping our loved ones.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“I consider myself to be a private person who does not easily confide. The opportunity for me to ask for help with my post hoping to get some support is a great relief. Thank you”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“The most important role you played was teaching me the skills getting him into treatment. THANK YOU!”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“Going through the modules in here calmed me down … though it seemed really hard at first, eventually it worked to help me learn to say the right things at the right time…”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“Every email/post I read pertains to my situation. I learn every time. It’s like a life line. I cannot thank you enough.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

“This morning [I] listened to the podcast on the CRAFT method — which is excellent with so many relevant concepts and details come out in such a caring/sincere format.”

—Allies in Recovery Member

From the Allies in Recovery Blog

The Power of Language

The Power of Language

Laurie MacDougall discusses the dramatic impact that language has on our discussions of Substance Use Disorder. Let’s work together to reduce stigma, improve access to treatment, and embrace a more humane approach to our loved ones’ struggles – all with the words we choose.

Should I Confiscate His Drugs?

Should I Confiscate His Drugs?

Her son was asked to leave college and is now using at home. Mom’s been confiscating drugs when she finds them as she fears for his safety. Will this sabatoge the CRAFT method? Dominique Simon-Levine reponds, illuminating how families can tailor CRAFT to their unique situations.