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When You’re Concerned About Violence Is CRAFT Appropriate?

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CRAFT is NOT recommended when there's a risk of physical violence

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Don’t do CRAFT if there is a risk of physical violence. Get help first for domestic violence services.

We have broadened the resources on our Crisis Numbers page on the Resource Supplement and provided a more inclusive list of emergency numbers. 
Here is the National Domestic Violence Hotline: Phone: 800.799.SAFE (800.799.7233) website: 

Video Module 2 talks about safety and the risk of violence when addiction is present. We make a distinction between verbal abuse (to which we add things like punching walls, throwing things *away from you*) and actual physical violence towards you or others.

While CRAFT is designed specifically to calm down the situation between you and your Loved One — through de-escalation talk, cutting out negative talk, adding in positive talk and reflective listening — some of your efforts will likely backfire.

You may hear something like: "Why are you making me dinner?"

You can respond in this manner: “I don’t always show you how much I care, and I appreciate your efforts to drink less…

Or they may say, "Why are you repeating what I say?"

To which you could respond: “I just want to make sure I am understanding you. Please keep going…

To sum up, when they're heating up, you back down and back out.

The best predictor of violence in someone is past violence. 

You’re navigating an eLearning program on a website which for the most part is self-guided — so ultimately, you have to decide what you'll do.

Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol can also lead to physical violence. Perhaps they tried a new drug or ran out of the drug and are desperate for money from you. Stay safe.

We ask everyone to watch Video Module 2 and prepare for the outside possibility of a physical threat from your Loved One. We ask families whose Loved Ones are known to be (or have been) physically violent to get help for the violence first and not follow the strategies we outline on this site.

You need to stay safe first.

Further reading on this topic here.



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