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An Autumn Sunrise

Mt. Monadnock as painted by Abbott Thayer (Image courtesy of the Corcoran Gallery of Art)

Here in Southern New Hampshire fall is in the air. The apples are on the trees and the local farmer is haying the fields. 

Mt. Monadnock is an ever-present companion in this part of New England. It is one of the most climbed mountains in the world and was a favorite hike of writers Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. On a clear day you can see both Boston and the ocean from the summit. Artists like Rockwell Kent, Abbott Thayer, and William Preston Phelps have also been inspired by the mountain. 

One early morning in late September I awoke and saw clouds around the base of the mountain. An unusual sight, I settled outside and watched the sunrise. I noticed the leaves were just beginning to turn as I waited for the gold light to finally reach the summit of Monadnock.  

If you listen closely to the video I made that morning, you can hear goldfinches, chipmunks, and a flock of geese migrating south.

As you watch the light shift and clouds drift, focus on your breathing. Slowly breathe in and out and let your mind settle. Listen to the sounds around you. After the video, record any observations in your journal


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