Are you at your wit’s end over your loved one’s drug or alcohol use? This virtual program was designed for you.

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Allies in Recovery is home to the premier virtual training program available for all who care about someone enduring addiction. Since 2003, we have taught CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), the only behavioral training method designed specifically for families and scientifically proven to work. The Allies training program is also recognized by SAMHSA – the government agency that funds addiction prevention and treatment.

As Seen on the HBO Special “Addictions” (2008)

Featuring Allies in Recovery and Our Own Kayla Solomon

“The Allies site has been a tremendous help to my husband and I. We are learning new, effective ways to communicate with our son. Yes, it’s difficult…but so worth it. Thank you for being there for us. You’ve been a light in a 10+ year storm.”
– Buckeyebunny, Mom & Allies in Recovery Member

What is CRAFT?

50% of people suffering from Substance Use Disorder, and who admit they have a problem, are resistant to getting help. CRAFT was designed with these individuals in mind.

Join Allies in Recovery’s Program for 6 Months to Gain:

A greater understanding of and compassion for the elements of addiction.

Tools to improve your communication skills and engage with your Loved One.

The means to dramatically improve your relationship with your Loved One.

What to do or say when your Loved One is actively using or has stopped use.

When and how to allow for the benefits of “natural consequences”.

When and how to engage in “change talk” with your Loved One.

How to put together a resource list and treatment plan for your Loved One.

How to engage your Loved One into treatment and recovery-oriented activities.

How to keep everyone in your family and in your home safe.

“I am so happy to have found this website! I have wanted to learn what to do in just about every situation outlined in your modules. It’s like you’ve been to my house and are able to see what is going on. As a mom with a son who struggles with substance use, I feel like I’ve finally found a place where I’m understood. Thank you!” – Allies in Recovery Member

How Will Allies in Recovery Change Your Life?


Allies uses the CRAFT approach and methodologies to provide clear and tailored guidance on how to communicate, behave, intervene, and guide your Loved One toward recovery.

And we do it all the time! Here’s how:


CRAFT Training Modules
  • Eight self-guided video modules
  • 26 brief, but critical databased exercises
  • Spanish translations


Access to the Allies Team
  • Interactive Q&A and Office Hours
  • Weekly Drop in CRAFT and Support groups
  • One-on-one CRAFT training (sliding scale)


Coming Up for Air Podcast
  • Weekly Podcasts by the Allies Team
  • The longest running broadcast for families of those with addiction


Audio Series
  • 3 Moms and a Dad: a prerecorded series of families working through CRAFT


Allies Advocate Human Resources
  • Intro to our website phone call
  • Weekly drop-in office hours
  • Membership Support when you need it


Member Blogs
  • All About the Pathways to Recovery Blog
  • News and resources on recovery
  • Help identifying options for treatment

Not only is your Loved One more likely to get into recovery with CRAFT than with any other approach, but research shows they are also more likely to STAY IN RECOVERY when you use the CRAFT approach.

“I have been through the modules and I love listening to the “Coming Up for Air” podcasts. Thank you for all you do! I have been using your site for some time and genuinely appreciate the guidance, groups, and blogs. Everything is SO HELPFUL!”
– Willa, Allies in Recovery Member 

“The resources available are very helpful including the Wednesday night group. I have learned a lot about addiction and engage more comfortably with my loved one thanks to Allies in Recovery.”

  • – Julia D., Mom & Allies in Recovery Member

“Things really started to turn around when I found Allies.”

  • – Linda T., Mom & Allies in Recovery Member Speaking in a CRAFT Workshop

“[The support groups]…are really engaging! Kayla facilitates a safe, comfortable space – even with varying attendance. Her emphasis on self-care and staying connected to a loved one is reinforced each week and covers both practical and emotional details.”

  • – Maria S., Mom & Allies in Recovery Member

Mom and former math teacher, Laurie MacDougall, went through the CRAFT training to improve the situation in her own family. Now, Laurie is both a practitioner and trainer of Allies in Recovery's Virtual Program rooted in and designed around the evidence-based CRAFT curriculum.

Our Exclusive “Pose a Question” Blog

Our website users love this interactive feature!


  • Pose a question about your situation and a member of our Allies Team will reply with CRAFT-informed answers
  • Read others’ questions and our answers for more insights into how to apply CRAFT
  • Interact with other website users in the comments section of the blog
  • This is a rich opportunity for learning and sharing about the challenges you face with your loved one’s addiction

The Allies in Recovery Blog

Trusting A Loved One in Early Recovery

Trusting A Loved One in Early Recovery

Her husband is in early recovery, but he doesn’t want to share details with her. She’s nervous and struggling with trust due to his history of SUD and lying. She’s reluctant to let him come home, and unsure how to talk to him about it. Dominique weighs in with an idea of what to say based on the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) approach that we use at

How CRAFT Can Help: Supporting Your Partner to Successfully Moderate Opiate Use

How CRAFT Can Help: Supporting Your Partner to Successfully Moderate Opiate Use

His partner is trying to moderate her use of heroin and methamphetamine with no formal support. Her use consumes so much of his partner’s life that it’s hard to see her “moderation” as progress. But his loved one wants him to acknowledge how “well” she’s doing, and there hasn’t been room for more discussion. Read on for suggested strategies from to engage his partner into treatment, using the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) approach.

What Are Natural Consequences? More on Modules 5 & 6

What Are Natural Consequences? More on Modules 5 & 6

CRAFT is like a menu. The better your awareness of patterns from watching yourself and your loved one – over time – and experimenting to see what works, the better you understand what to choose. Laurie talks about her learning process with her son, and how it led her to understand what she could and couldn’t live with. You can learn to open your eyes, to check with yourself in a very deep way, and notice what you may not have before. The more you know about what you’re looking for, the more effective CRAFT becomes, the better your decisions in the the moment. Eventually you can say, “This isn’t working, so here are your options,” and your loved one can choose.

What Do “Using” and “Not Using” Really Mean?

What Do “Using” and “Not Using” Really Mean?

In this closer look at Module 5, you’ll learn a tenet of CRAFT – rewarding positive behavior and removing rewards for negative behavior. When it comes to “using,” the moment-by-moment details become important. Your job is increasing your awareness by witnessing and noticing your loved one’s behavior. “Using” is really a larger term including before, during, and after interacting with a substance. Everything else is “not using.” When there are periods, maybe tiny ones, of not using, move in with gentle, quiet rewards of connection. It’s important, too, to learn how to calm your system enough to do this process. It’s all trial and error, so don’t judge yourself for not doing it right. But do notice how what you’re doing makes an impact. Check out Module 5 for more.

How Laurie and Kayla Became Part of AIR

How Laurie and Kayla Became Part of AIR

Learn about Allies in Recovery’s (AIR) groups – the CRAFT Educational groups facilitated by Laurie and the CRAFT Support group facilitated by Kayla – and how they became part of AIR. CRAFT isn’t easy, and you can’t do it alone. These groups provide essential information, feedback and support.  You are not alone during this painful, overwhelming process.

Meet the Allies in Recovery Team

Video of Laurie MacDougall Describing CRAFT

Laurie MacDougall completed both Allies and Dr. Robert Meyer’s CRAFT training to improve the situation in her own family and is now a group facilitator and trainer of Allies in Recovery’s virtual program. 


Video of Kayla Solomon Describing CRAFT

Kayla Solomon,  trained in CRAFT by Dr. Robert Meyers, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and has been serving families faced with addiction for over 20 years.


Video of Dominique Introducing the Website

Dominique Simon-Levine, MPH & Ph.D., studied CRAFT under Dr. Robert Meyers, and founded Allies in Recovery in 2003.  She oversees the daily operations of the organization and has been featured on HBO and NPR.

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“Allies has been very helpful to me over the past several years. The modules, exercises, and personal advice have helped me navigate a difficult situation and improved relationships with family members so much. I really appreciate the site and recommend it whenever I find someone else in a similar situation.”

– Mizkitty, Allies in Recovery Member

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