If your gut is telling you not to give up on your addicted loved one, your gut is right!

What you’ve tried hasn’t worked? We’ll show you what does, step by step.

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Our ONLINE Program teaches you to:

✓ Reduce your Loved One’s substance use

✓ Get your Loved One into treatment

✓ Reduce your distress, worry, pain, anger…

✓ Improve your own well-being & the atmosphere at home

He is sober…thank you so much for helping us get to this point!”  

— Allies in Recovery Member 

If it were not for Allies I would still be in limbo and useless in helping my loved one.”  

— Allies in Recovery Member

“I found success with the Allies in Recovery program. It brought down the chaos in my house. It opened up huge lines of communication with my Loved One. He now has 4 years of recovery!”

—Laurie MacDougall, Member

Addiction makes you crazy!

Membership gives you:


Blogs addressing your concerns


Write in to our in-house experts to get hand-tailored guidance. Here are some samples from our expert-led blog:

  • What should we do when he asks for the keys to our car?
  • How to use rewards and incentives to get your loved one closer to the goal of treatment?
  • She’s been using, should we kick her out?

A Game-Changing eLearning Program

Watch 8 modules, broken into short segments. We walk you through everything you’ll need to start applying CRAFT to your situation with your Loved One. Here’s where you’re building a new skill-set.

Practice and think about what you’re learning with our 21 data-secure worksheets.


Live Support Options


Take advantage of our live support: speak in real time with a family coach, set up a call to get familiar with the site…

Participate in our weekly support groups.


Recent testimonials from members of Allies in Recovery.net:

“I have been suggesting to many of my family intervention clients to use this amazing resource.  I find my clients value your work and it is helping.” 

— Bill Stevens, Therapist & Interventionist, www.redchair.co.uk

“My son too has made remarkable strides this year and I am thankful for the support and tips and learning the CRAFT method…..I am so thankful for this site and the ways it helped me walk through the dark times with hope and a road map out.”  

— mommaoftwo, Allies in Recovery Member

Thank you to everyone here at Allies in Recovery for creating a program for families and friends so we can be resilient to hard times and get back to our own recovery more quickly. That resilience has been key for me.”  

— gptraveler, Allies in Recovery Member

In only two days, I know that deciding to join Allies in Recovery was a great decision.” 

— Allies in Recovery Member

NO CHARGE during covid-19 crisis

Thanks to Gabriel Amadeus Cooney for portrait of Laurie MacDougall & son.

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