Is your Loved One’s addiction
taking over your life?

“Every time my son steps out the door, I know he’s going to use… I’m so afraid he will die…”

“All I do when my wife is out is pace the floor with worry and call the ER, the police station…”

“How am I supposed to do the laundry / go to work / lead a normal life in the midst of all of this?”

“Each time I think my Loved One is standing in front of me, it turns out to be his evil twin instead. Logic flies out the window. Arguments and insults are the norm…”

We will help you
leave the nightmare behind

It’s Smart Love, Not Tough Love!

Our online program teaches the family a clinically proven method (CRAFT*) that is shown to:

✓ Reduce your distress, worry, pain, anger …

✓ Reduce your Loved One’s substance use

✓ Give you a proven intervention skillset to get your Loved One into treatment

✓ Improve your well-being and the atmosphere at home

*The CRAFT Method: Community Reinforcement & Family Training (learn more)


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