Can Anyone Help Me with the CRAFT Method?

An Allies member wrote in wondering whether there are therapists trained in the CRAFT method to provide individual support and guidance.

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“This is a great resource, and helpful. One thing I would like to see are resources for family members who want individual support. Are there counselors out there who are familiar with this approach? I don’t find it helpful when someone I am consulting tells me to just turn my back on my son. I would like to have a resource for myself, someone who can listen and advise, with an up to date understanding of addiction, CRAFT etc.”


Counselors well-versed in the CRAFT method are few and far between

Even though the CRAFT method has been studied widely, it is poorly disseminated across the country. One reason for this is that insurance doesn’t reimburse therapy for the family. You need to be the identified patient in order for the work with a therapist to be reimbursed.

The person who developed the approach at the University of New Mexico does however provide a short list of CRAFT-certified providers:


CRAFT Method Online at Allies in Recovery

We built our members-only eLearning site to promote the CRAFT method and to make it accessible to everyone. The eLearning Modules and exercises on this site are designed so that you, the family member supporting your loved one, can learn the essential tools of the CRAFT method on your own. I invite you to view our Introductory Module to see how our program works. I understand that the site isn’t a substitute for solid therapy but there are many ways it can still be very useful.


How to get the most out of the member site:

  1. We encourage new members to start with a free phone consultation with an Allies in Recovery Advocate. The advocate will then guide you to the most appropriate resources on our site. You may also return for a refresher phone call if needed (also free of charge).

  2. As you just did, ask your questions. Reach out to others on the site who are using the CRAFT method in their life. Our private messaging feature allows you to maintain your privacy.

  3. The blog posts provide answers to questions our members have brought up. I’m certain there will be some posts you will relate to. Some recurring topics are: ‘natural consequences’, ‘rewards’, ‘negative emotions’, ‘relapse’, ‘self-care’ and ‘shame’

  4. Find a therapist you like and provide him/her with this site. You can then ask them to work through the Video Modules and eLearning exercises together with you.


An evidence-based approach

Families definitely need trained help to handle someone abusing alcohol or drugs. Our eLearning program using the CRAFT method goes beyond just an intervention. We help families address all the possible situations that come up.
The science has proven that turning your back on a loved one isn’t the answer. People with addiction need to know they are loved, and that support for getting help is available to them. They also need to be treated with dignity. Meanwhile, you need the right support to be able to react in ways that unblock the situation and move your loved one towards recovery.
We hope that the member website, with the personalized guidance we provide, the solid CRAFT-based teachings, and the opportunity to connect with others in similar situations, will meet your needs and move you forward.


A membership at Allies in Recovery brings you into contact with experts in the fields of recovery and treatment for drug and alcohol issues. Our learning platform teaches you the CRAFT method and guides you through the best techniques for unblocking the situation. Together we will move your loved one towards recovery. Learn more here.

About the Author - <a href="" target="_self">Dominique Simon-Levine</a>

About the Author - Dominique Simon-Levine

Dominique launched Allies in Recovery in 2003. Her work has been featured on HBO and NPR. She is a facilitator and a trained speaker on issues of addiction and the family. She has worked extensively developing and evaluating federally-funded substance abuse programs for organizations and clinics throughout Massachusetts and New York. With an interest in recovery and substance abuse that spans 20 years, she sees a huge need to help families develop the skills that will help a loved one recover fully in a supportive, whole, and lasting way in their families and in their communities. Her mission is to have Allies in Recovery fill that gap.

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